Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love Story???- Part 9

The first ever phone conversation was just superb..wonderful..fantabulous...It was short , simple and sweet.. some feelings you can't describe in words fall jump with a carry that big smile on your face with glittering eyes...Vishal was no exception...and so did Vini..

Vishal comes back to his room ..Still there was a time before his parents return from outside... giving him enough space that he desperately wanted that time .

Vishal used to stay in beautiful apartment surrounded by lots of trees. In the evening, apart from usual sparrows and white pigeons you could see beautiful cocktails.
Rain had already started outside. Vishal runs to terrace . The cloudy environment was just perfect to suit his mood.

Even if Vini decided not to meet sooner, they could now talk anytime they wish. Phone had almost eliminated physical distance between them. They could now feel that extra closeness, share deep secrets, exchange sms........ and even kisses...........