Saturday, May 28, 2011


I feel , we office goers, live just for WORK ...WORK WORK and paycheck...that's our life...especially we Indians...

I wonder, has anyone of you ever thought the same?

There is a restriction on when to go to bed ...Remember? you have to go to office again next day...Is it just about going to bed ? No...get up early otherwise be prepared to slog through traffic...Life has become mechanical... and it's not like you have an option..

Almost entire day goes in office and in travelling to office ...... And if your boss sucks, only god can save you.. You will "have-to" complete duty hours even if you have absolutely no work in hand..

After coming back from the office you are tired and suddenly realize -' WOW..I have wasted one more day ..'

But there is something that willingly pull you back to the office......guess what?? ..Salary ? Noo.. please note the word "willingly :) ..It's a pretty girl in your office......

The same girl you hope to see in canteen during breakfast , lunch and even in afternoon tea..and hope to see her sitting next to your chair....

But not everyone is so lucky and instead what they get is a damn serious boring girl with absolutely no dressing sense..But as I said - it's not like you have an option....:)

A bit diversion from the main topic, but what I want to say is, I hate to live as if we are born to just work and earn . Even in weekdays we should get enough time to spend with our family without getting exhausted...Why the compulsion of duty hours? If your work is over, you can live..

While living our super mechanical life, we often forget there is something called "SOCIAL WORK" or "CHARITY" .. when will we do that???.."tomorrow" will never come..and one day we will die..

So what we did ????????

Worked our ass off to get good numbers in school and college......then once we got a job, we ran behind money and paycheck to pay our bills ......doing nothing else..... and finally we die.

I wonder, if given an option, this is the life anyone of us would like to live??.........