Friday, December 24, 2010

Life of a software engineer - Aka Me (2) :)

Ok..So last few days were busy and could not post anything..although there is lot of stuff I would like to share ...who doesn't like girls getting added to your followers' list ?..hahaa..
Writing this post while listening to 'Fifteen' song by Taylor Swift.. if you have not listened it yet, you should ! ..cause it's really really good .. especially lyrics..

So, let's come to the main topic..
Information Technology business in India has boomed in last 10-12 years like anything..and so do the number of young software professionals entering into this lucrative world. I am one of the " proud " member of them... Why "proud" ????
well..ummm...cause this is what whomever I meet tells .. 'Beta ...Software engineer bana ??..MNC me kam kar rahe ho?..bahut achhe...' So, after a while, even I started feeling, there must be something in my profession I must be proud of.. :)

But, if you really want to know, what I am proud of then I must tell you, I have not worked till now even after 1 yr in the comapny..........................awwwwww !!! Let me clear things before you start questioning about MNC thing I mentioned above.. It's true that I have been employed by one of the topmost IT company but I have never been into "actual work " thing.. It's different thing that I keep my knowledge up to date and I have enough knowledge to convince that I have worked like most of the people do while switching jobs....
Whenever my manager tries to assign some project to me I simply deny.
He brings some bullshit work which has onsite opportunity and all but I nothing interesting or challenging..just like donkey you have to work without using brain.. I tell him, I don't want to do this work because I want to do some "good work" which will be really interesting... he tries to convince me as of now only this kind of work is there..for good work I will have to wait, so accept it.... I still remain firm... days pass by.............

I remember, in November last year, we used to have 2 months training in Bangalore about the technology , we were about to start working on ... Girls especially used to take training very seriously.. These girls, I tell you, still remember what's been taught in the training.....Girls will be girls :) .

We had two exams at the end of it...and to get good paycheck that others, you should clear both the exams in first attempt that too scoring more marks than others. Not a small thing, I must tell you...If you don't clear in 3 attempts, you are out of the company...
So, the study did not end after completing college , like we thought.

But still, those were the best days....Mainly, because of Bangalore. This city, made my life heavenly good.... I still miss the KORAMANGALA area where I used to live with one of my friend..The area is full of bungalows...Andhra mess was just 5 mins away ...I so much miss the Andhra food and fishes that Telagu aunty used to cook..
On sundays, we used to go to temple which was again nearby. And we hardly ever missed going to garden at night... There, one guy in his 50s used to have evening (or night?) walk with his helmet... ever seen a guy like this ??.... we used to call him Mr. Neil Armstrong because of his helmet :) ... A group of people who used to come with a big alsetian dog was the indication that it's 12.30 am and it's the time to move our a** and go back to the room :) ....... But, talking with your friend , about future, expectation from girlfriend or simply gossiping gives so much of fun, I was never knowing ...

Furthermore, our company's bangalore campus was bestest campus in the country......I will post the pictures in next part...Believe what you see :) exams, re-exams, everything was over by the end of 2 months.. now it was the time to part ways...Location of work was getting assigned to everyone.. Some got Pune, some got Delhi ... Me and my friends were praying for Pune... Girls did not want Noida for the obvious reason of safety...almost everyone got their locations.. except our group and few more guys.. after 5 days, we got to know we have to work in Chennai ...........That was a big big disappointment..girls literally started crying..
We had to leave after 1 day... almost all of us were living in rented homes.. We packed bags..told the owner about giving deposit back..fortunately our house owner was nice lady and she gave our deposit back....we booked tickets and caught a bus at 12 pm.. 14 of us came to Chennai from the same bus.. by the time we reached Chennai, it was 6 am..

It was cold in the air ....traffic was also sporadic........'So, chennai is not that bad'...I thought, while on the way to our three star lodge where we had to stay for next 7 days before finding permanent accommodation..

But hardly I was knowing ki picture abhi baki he !!!!!!!! .... :)

Rest in next part...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Life of a Software Engineer..AKA me :)

Do you know why this post is blank ??.. Because software engineer doesn't have a life ... :D
Just kidding..
The post is Coming soon .. :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


1. Why do short girls wear 5 inches heels and end up looking silly..
2. Do all girls cry no matter how tomboyish are they?
3. Why do we say all negative things about India to foreigners visiting our country just for few seconds laugh .
4. When businessman says I don't believe in corruption..I believe in maintaining relationship, what does it mean???
5. Are fat girls more easy to impress?
6. Is bi-sexual trend increasing in India?

Do you know where am I writing this post? In train compartment..loll.. I am now travelling to Mumbai from Chennai. But I swear, no matter what, in future I won't ever travel by train. It's not pathetic but it's not comfortable either..though it's AC compartment... I am travelling by long distance train after almost 15 years....whoooooooa....I really wanted to test my patience (mind it, it's 24 hours journey :D) and experience how does it feel especially when few words from my friends, like upper side birth, chart etc. had gone bouncers.

To my surprise, I found one fair looking girl in her twentees sitting with her parents on the seat opposite to mine. I felt bit good...In terms of looks, she was good.. After about half an hour, her father started talk with me..and I got to know they are from Malesia. The father was looking like bechara kind of guy portrayed in hindi movies. But the guy was very intellectual kind :) ...He was curious to know whether we have superfast trains in India, do long distance trains here travel on diesel or electricity ..this that.. and the another guy beside me was the book of general knowledge. He answered the Malesian father's all questions along with figures and small small details .............not only this, he told lots and lots of bad things about India with exaggeration to the malesian family. I doubt whether anything is left unsaid. And he kept on saying ..and saying.. finally the malesian family got bored. They got down after 2 hours.. :(

If you were expecting if myself and the girl had any exchange of number or something of that sort, then noo :( ..we had a talk though :D .......

Let's stop here...The name of the post is random, so I would end it randomly ..:D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love Story???- Part 9

The first ever phone conversation was just superb..wonderful..fantabulous...It was short , simple and sweet.. some feelings you can't describe in words fall jump with a carry that big smile on your face with glittering eyes...Vishal was no exception...and so did Vini..

Vishal comes back to his room ..Still there was a time before his parents return from outside... giving him enough space that he desperately wanted that time .

Vishal used to stay in beautiful apartment surrounded by lots of trees. In the evening, apart from usual sparrows and white pigeons you could see beautiful cocktails.
Rain had already started outside. Vishal runs to terrace . The cloudy environment was just perfect to suit his mood.

Even if Vini decided not to meet sooner, they could now talk anytime they wish. Phone had almost eliminated physical distance between them. They could now feel that extra closeness, share deep secrets, exchange sms........ and even kisses...........

Monday, August 16, 2010

Weirdly interesting bloggers

From the name itself , you must have got an idea that this post is dedicated to all those bloggers who do holy work of entertaining us with their ...posts ? ...Yeah.....but in a different way... Let's quickly go through their great contribution in the world of blogger weirdos :)

Weirdo 1:
Bloggers in this category must be playing too much of puzzle game in their childhood.. They love it soo much that still whenever they get opportunity they will puzzle you.

R called me yesterday ..I told him S is not talking with me so he told me don't give attention to MIL and S will come on the line automatically ...

Puzzled after reading this???? ...then the writer is extremely happy as her purpose is achieved..For the first time when I came across one such blog, I double checked to see if mistakenly I have landed on the blog of Indian secret agent..But No, she was our familiar Tulasi bhabhi :)

Who bothers if you get or not what the writer wants to say ?? Don't forget, it's a puzzle game & they have won. Just comment them as - "Congrats" .

Now, since anyhow you have lost, let me tell you "MIL" is short form of mother in law and S is the husband of the writer. Don't ask who is R. He is insignificant character purposely introduced in the post just to waste your time.

Weirdo 2:
I came across this poem (You are lucky if you haven't) and I was completely clueless about what does the lady want to say ..Check it out.

Today while going to office there was a rush (okk..So..what's new?)
Everyone is busy, animals, plants, birds ..blah blah
Moved on

Blah blah..
Moved on..

In all the stanzas this line was common.. 'MOVED ON'

So far so good..Read next..

I saw the beggar
Hungry with his small kid in his arms
His hands were trembling with hunger
Could not see his pathetic condition
Moved on .. ( WTF????????...I mean, how can you move on just like that when he was in such a pathetic condition??)

Then I too decided... move on to next blog :)

Weirdo 3:
They write & write & write.......Posts after posts... No comments ..still writing...Lengthy posts..If you start reading at 12 in the midnight by the end of the post you will realize it's 6 in the morning... No comments in last 6 months ..But this great dude is determined....Does he feel his next post will be comment to the earlier one...Aink???????..

Sometimes I think, if this dude shows his blog to his spouse once he gets married, he is going to get one tight slap !!!! She will say -' You have published entire least one comment should have been there :D '

Weirdo 4:

I dont' know if you have come across these kinds of bloggers..but due to all free time available in my hand, I met with one of this kind ( Why me god ???:D)

They are allergic to posting replies to your comments on their blog. Ok..let me make it more clear. You post comment on their blog. You wait for their reply...You wait & wait..Still no reply??........Sure??.............Bingooooooo! They have mailed you :D

If someone visits the blog, it's you who will be appearing fool with your question & no answer:D The blogger will appear as if she is less bothered about comments....cooooooool.... Since, you get reply in mail, you will continue to post comments :D ..Howzzzzzzz the idea ??????....Mann gaye janab..what say?? :D

There are many such bloggers you must have come across. I wanted to share more , but may be later :))

Vini & Vishal's love story has progressed a lot while we were not paying attention..Let's come back to them in next part :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Many reasons to love girls..

When she is a kid , full of innocence, she takes care of her doll..combs her hair just like mother..Even while sleeping, she keeps her barbie close to her..thus protecting her from rest of the world..
Ask her, if she wants to go out & she will not leave her kid..aka barbie behind..:)

As a elder sister, why does she feel responsible towards her siblings? .. Why ?? ... where does this maturity come from??.. She will be there to take care of you when mom is not around..when you go out to play with other kids.. and ...and..her ways to tell you that you are wrong & you should not do this again by just raising her voice ..Still when you don't listen remember how she pleads ?...
And....when you grow old and want to show her, your newly developed masculine strength while fighting with her for silly reasons...... she can't protest.........Instead, she runs towards mom to hide behind... If this is not lovable, what is?

No wonder, while getting married she keeps lots & lots memories behind .....

As a girlfriend she expects unconditional love & committment.. She will call you..message you..tell you how precious you are in her life ...Just don't forget her birthday & you can see her eyes with full of love and gratitude..

and don't break her trust..She will hardly be able to come out of it...

....Look at her as a wife..She has left everything behind.. her parents...her friends...and you know....she is not used to it ...she has never stayed with some "stranger" like this with his family....She puts immense faith in the word "immense" too small ?

And does mother need introduction ??????.......Will I ever be able to write about her in words...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love Story ??? - Part 8

Soo..where were we ? ..No..I have not forgotten ....Just due to some time delay in posting this part, a little stress to brain was needed ...

Yeah.. So, Vini has asked Vishal, if they can speak over phone?...
Our Vishal was overjoyed reading this... curiosity was extreme to both the sides.... both wanted to talk..both wanted to know each other..both wanted to....well....fall in love...

Vishal expresses his desire to meet in personal .. He also proposes to meet in some crowded place like hotel so that Vini should not get scared .. But, Vini declines his proposal politely saying , she thinks yet the right time has not come . ... ...
Right time...God knows when was it going to come.. Vini goes a step ahead & shares her number.. Today, for the first time in his life Vishal was going to call the girl to whom he had never ever met & he didn't want to sound stupid & blabber.... He thinks for a minute what can they talk about .. and he didn't find more than 3-4 things .. 'ohh...first time call & just 2 -3 minutes of talk.. what after that?? ..what will she feel if in mails I write about soo many things but when it comes to talk, I have nothing? '

He sits on sofa..with his both palms on his eyes & head bent down ..... How about writing things down on paper.. just points..........silly idea......???.........or lets go with the flow of communication ?......... but how...? He thinks, 'I am sure, I won't remember anything at that time ..Now only, bit nervous I am' ... 'Yeah..I should note down.. It's must to impress her ..'. He mumbles.. He stretches his hand to take a pen & paper from shelf and starts notting down... 1. (Vishal keeps first point blank...He thinks he can manage first half minute by talking about her voice :D ) 2. College 3. Group 4. Ask her what else... 5. Interests 6. siblings

Suddenly he tears down the paper... 'bullshit'.... He mumbles..

..Again 2 minutes pause...

No option.. Vishal thinks ...He quickly writes down points all over again ..takes some coins & rush to nearby PCO ...

Yeah ..PCO ...He didn't want to share a number with Vini yet...reason? ..he was having his own reasons....
He inserts a coin & dials the number quickly...

His heartbeats was running faster .. excitement was at the peak..
"Hello.." .. He could hear some girl has picked up the phone.. "Hello...ummm...Vini ...Vinita.."

"No..I am her friend..who is this?"

"Can you please give phone to her? " (Vishal counts the remaining coins...1,2,3..just 8.. He had brought 9 coins ...After all, he was expecting nor more than 5 minutes of talk..)

He could hear , the friend was calling Vini loudly.. 'Viniiiii..someone is calling you..come fast'

Vini comes.. (By the time Vini comes 2 more coin goes find their place in coin box...)




( With that 'yes' a quick thought runs through Vishal's mind with a lightning speed....'god..! she is not surely a kind of girl anyone can mess up with .' )

"Can you recognize me?"


"Just guess .." (Vishal tries to be smarty.....If she has given number to some other guy, she will surely get caught..)

" I don't know... Is this Vishal ??"

(Sigh of relief from Vishal's side)

"Yes..Hiii.." ( Vishal's hand reaches to find the note in his pocket while he concentrates at what Vini is going to say next )


" did you recognize me?"

"Obviously yaar..I was knowing you will call me "

"hmm.... you sound good.. "
(Vishal was hoping she won't ask what does that mean)

"Good ..means?.. " (Oh..shit !)

"umm...... Someone lively ..enthusiastic..&.. " (He somehow manages the moment..but Vini cuts his sentence..)

"..So is this your landline number?"

"Nope.. just take down.."

"No..give me miscall"

"Ok.. I will give afterwards.."

"Noo..No..tell me now ..I will note down.."

"No..I will give afterwards ..don't worry.."


Vishal can't control laugh.. Vini also giggles... Vishal gives the number to Vini.

"by the way, where were you?? ..Your friend picked up the call I guess.."

"I was having dance practice.. We are having college function in next week"

"Oh.. cool.."

Before Vishal says anything, Vini interrupts..
"You know, I would like to know more about you..where do you live?.. You know soo much about me..tell me about yourself"..

Vishal takes a glimpse at remaining coins...just 4..

"Vini.. I will talk to you later...anyways you are having dance practice"

"Nooo..don't mind.. Are you in a hurry?"

"umm..Nothing like that..what's that sound behind you?"

"I told you naa.... today is final practice day.... you know , since last night I had not gone home.. I stayed with ne to phone kar kar ke pareshan kar diya.. but I'm enjjjoyiiiing .. I liked the dress I am wearing..I wish you could see me ..oops.. I should shut up say.."

Vishal gets amazed with the way she expresses herself ...

"I stay in Mulund.."

"oh..quite far.."


"what else?.."

" say.."

Both , don't get what to talk..

By the time Vishal is left with just one & the last coin..'No option but to tell her about he is running short of coins.. ' Vishal thinks..

"Vini.. umm..Actually... I am running short of coins.. just last coin is remaining.."

"What???...Oh my god...You are calling from coin vala phone?... heheheehehe..sorry...but I can't control laughing.." ..Vishal gets a bit embarrassed ...

"Yeah.. I will call again in couple of days..but don't forget to mail.."

Vini giggles again..

"..Sure..take care...
I had a good time..hope.. "

"Yeah..even me.."

"Chal..cyaz...and next time no coins & all ..ok??"

Vishal giggles..



Vishal could not believe his luck... He had just spoke with Vini..the girl he was having mail conversation for almost a month..... His nervousness had disappeared in some amazon jungle.. he even did not refer to the note he had brought...He choosed to go with the flow..

There, Vini jumps with a joy... The coin box incident lingers in her mind... "stupid.." she says..

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Laptop to Police Station...

Last two weeks were just horrible.. I had to go through something I had never gone before..

I was searching for laptop dealers on net, when I came across dealer called IT** Computers ..I called him & decided to go there on Sunday . Me & my Gujju friend ( Gujjus are good in bargaining and he is no I purposely took him:D) after traveling for almost 1 hours finally reached to the dealer.. He was having small office (means just 2 chairs, tables, & blah He first asked us what is our requirement & showed us price list, discount .. then how come we feel in Chennai , being outsiders blah blah..We decided to buy Dell Inspiron 15 R
He said, the laptop will be delivered within 2 days & additional accessories which he is giving for free will be delivered on next day itself.. We gave him full money that too in cash ...He gave us proper bill ... By the way, he said his name is Raj Kumar ..What an irony ! :)

My gujju friend was very happy knowing the deal we settled was way too good..And how he fooled the dealer giving him promise to recommend this shop to several of our friends..:) Like, innocent kids we were anxiously waiting till Wednesday..:)

Here, the real drama started..

On Monday, when by evening noone came to deliver speakers & headphone, I called the dealer.. He was surprised to know how come none of his "So- called" men called me .. He promised to deliver by Monday night itself..Waited ...waited.. Till 9 no call.. When I called again, this guy cut the call.. I got surprised to see his sales after service ... Till that time, I was not knowing , once you give him money, you should not expect NEITHER SALE NOR SERVICE :))

After 5-10 minutes, I got a call from him - "sir, I have committed you.. So, I will provide by any cost.. Tomorrow before 9 am , I myself will come sir.." There was no limit to my joy.. I forgave all his sins :) ...

Again anxious wait started on Tuesday .. By the time you must have guessed, no one came...If I have to name my last 2 weeks I will name as - WAIT ..Because , this is what I was doing ..& this is what he used to tell me when I used to call... Then comes, series of lies .. SOo many lies, I will mention in short..

Tuesday afternoon : I myself will come by evening 5
Tuesday evening : I will leave in half hour
Tuesday night : I am at my customer's place..

By this time I got suspicious & the first thing I did after reaching to office is search whether anyone has posted complaint against him.. & to my surprise, I found 2 complaints claiming he is fraud & never delivers product.. GODDDD ......That was shock.. I had given money to fraud person.. In my dream also I could not think that I will come across any such person...My gujju friend was even more shocked-after all how call anyone ever fool him ...hehehee

The very first thing I did is opened the website of Tamilanadu police.. There is option to register online complaint & you can get to know what action police has taken .. That gave me some relief.. I could not even tell this to my parents in Mumbai as they could do nothing from there other than worrying.. I was bombarded with opinions from friends...All mixed opinions...some were directly-indirectly saying I am big fool :D , some were giving ideas to nab the fraud person..

Then came Wednesday ..He was supposed to deliver laptop .. Again lies .. I guess , this person's day must be going in what next reason to tell for not delivering the product to different customers :) .. Being outsiders ( Me & my friend , both are from Mumbai) , he was underestimating us toooo much..

Wednesday morning: I am going to DELL office to inquire ... This is the reason this guy was telling me..

Wednesday afternoon: My guys are on the way , they will reach to your place withing 2 hours with speakers .
.. No marks for guess, no one came.

On Thursday : You yourself come & collect the speakers

Finally , I went on Sunday ..His shop was closed ..He was not picking up the phone.. ( How can he pick? Otherwise, he would have to come & give me speakers which he was not having at all )

I inquired to nearby shop about this person & got to know , his shop is there since last 2 years ( How come no one dared to lodge a complaint against him I wonder)

I asked where is nearby police station ...I had recorded his conversation & also carried printouts of complaints people had posted against him .. Inspector smiled after reading the complaints.. No..he was not going to take it lightly.. He told me not to worry .. He called the fraud.. To my surprise, the fraud was silly person.. At least, by this time he should have realized that he can't escape.. He promised to deliver the product after 4 more days.. Even inspector got convinced with this & told me to wait for for more days....Again wait..Again opinions.. Police can be bribed..beware are outsider & what not..

This guy , the fraud, got very angry that I went to police..He was not expecting that I will go to police.. That's why I said he was underestimating too much.. Next day he calls me & says, 'Prasad what have you done? You went to police?? I too have contacts in police...lets now fight legally..' I said Ok.. After 2 minutes he calls & says, I will deliver next day ....Haa Ha Ha! :D

Are bhai - Cheating karna he to akal se kam lo :) ..

On his last deadline also, he calls me & says laptop will be delivered in 2 hours.. As usual, one more lie... I called police.. I shouted on the inspector that tell this guy to give my money back.. Then I realized what I have done :)

The inspector called me next day to police station ..this guy was also there..sitting quitely in corner.. The inspector ( I still don't know his name..He was angel :) ) slapped this guy, gave full money to me ..:) .. He did not ask for even 1 rupee bribe.. I bought sweet & gave him ..hehe..sounds funny ? ..

So these 14 days gave me a big big lesson in life ......:) .. I only know what I went through :)

By the way, due to this stupid Raj kumar Our love story was pending.. let's continue it from next couple of days :))

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love Story??- Part 7

The mail part does not end there.. On next day, Vishal writes -
You are really silly..If I ask her name she would get I don't want that..
And please lemme know how did you patau your daddy for the cell ?.. Even I can use the same

This mail ends here itself.. Vishal got nothing more to write...

Vini comes from college....Actually not from college..She had bunked the college for the first time with her friend Jassi...Jassi was Vini's classmate & she even used to stay in nearby apartment.. They both, along with couple of other friends had gone to Bandra Bandstand.. Bandra Bandstand is Mumbai's one of the beautiful sea face location..Vini wanted to share all these things with Vishal.

'Vinnniiiiiiiiii...tusii idhar aa kapde jo dal ke rakhe he na bistar pe vo uthale....pata nahi kab badi hogi..' Vini's mom aka Vini's best entertainer shouts. Vini hardly ever used to take her anything seriously.. She used to tease her mom , fight with her..just like we do with our friends...but somewhere deep inside , Vini used to feel - Wish my mom would have been more considerate ...............

After having snacks, Vini sits to write mail - To her pleasant surprise, she finds One New Mail in her inbox..
'Buddhu ka buddhu hi rahega' was her reaction when she sees just two lines of mail.....She quickly types -:
I know Im very silly ..good u reminded me..actually im a lil stupid when it comes to all this stuff so plz pardon me ok?. and how I pataud my dad was very simple ..I just kept bugging him 24/7 ..I don't think that will work for you coz daughters are darlings to dad..see ~ ladki hone ka fayda :)
Heyyy..Today me & Jassi bunked our 2nd lecture.. Jassi is my beshtessht friend..:) ..aur ye jassi to itani pagal he na , use pani me jana tha.. sath me mera bhi hath khichke leke gayi...upar se barish bhi ho rahi thi..aur ye pagali chhata college me hi bhool ke aayi...we had really good time ....mera favt butter scotch bhi liyaaaa...yummmmm...
what else?? Wish I could talk to you .. I'm not forcing..but ..what if we talk over phone?..

Vini shuts down the comp & goes to bed....Entire day's tiredness was taking toll on her...Hardly did she know , the excitement of reading Vishal's reply on her proposal would not have let her sleep easily........

Friday, June 18, 2010

Love story?? - Part 6

If you have read previous post to this, you must be knowing that Vishal was having crush on some girl in his college... She was senior to Vishal.... fair looking scholar .. Her smile used to make guys get weak in the knees.
Once, Vishal writes to Vini - :
I don't know have I told you this or not but I managed to somehow interact with the girl...the same girl in my college. I went to her & asked if I can get your books if you no longer need them?...But I was breathing heavily while talking with her..& it became very difficult for me to utter even word. Somehow I completed the I asked her only this much..
And what about you? Did you tell the guy that you like him?
By the way how much time you took to write last mail ??..This is not done yaar.. Even I never took this much time to reply to any of your mail.
Signing off for now.. Take care..
God bless

To which Vini replies -:
You are soo stupid...ladki se poocha bhi to books ke bare me..couldn't you have asked her about her name instead? anyway, not a bad for start but next time when you try to talk to her just be natural..and don't panic. and you can always rely on me for advice on gals. I may not behave like gals but I still am a gal so I know better about wat gals like & what they dont. Now enough my lecture.
Noo yaar.. the guy does not no I like him ...nor did I give him any hints. I don't even talk to him . If I talk, i will faint then & there & I am just too afraid to say nething. My friends told me that he likes someone else but the girl he likes is already going around with some other guy.. guess..he had his share of bad luck too..just like me.
Arey..I am so sorry for late reply..exam was going on naaa the way did I tell you I got a new cell motoral's soo cute ..I just love it. take care..Bye.

Vishal finds it quite childish...Sorry at the end ?? ...... that too with just one line? ..when she was knowing somone is waiting for her mails without knowing what's going on at her end.

...So what if they were not in love ?....On the other hand he finds it quite funny that Vini is deeped so much in the joy of new motorola that writing mail hardly concerns to her .

....and look at the advice she gave ...then what happened to her while talking with that guy ? ...A light smile flashes on his face.. ..this girl is soo immature...Vishal thinks....still he somewhere feels , Vini should have apologized in first place itself .. it's not like as if he wanted apology or something....but he would have felt much better that she concerns .. That's all.
Maybe with each new mail imaginary picturization of character called Vini has started.......

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love story?? - Part 5

End of previous post ( Love story??- Part 4 )
All she now wants is new mail from Vishal ..and she finds there is only way of having it ..- ' To Write Back' .............

Love story??- Part 5

Soon it became chain of mails... Mail.. Reply..New mail.. Reply...and it went on.. A mail in the inbox is all they used to wait for. If someday, either of them did not send mail , it used to become a day of questions for other - Why?.. When? You think it's love?.. No ! In fact, Vini once told Vishal, how she has a crush on a guy in her class and Vishal used to tell - How he is totally infatuated by his senior who looks no less than some miss world..

Many a times it happened that while writing mail someone used to come suddenly..With the fear of getting caught Vishal's heart used to beat so loud that person could actually hear heart beats.. Ok...A bit exaggeration..

Today you want to peep into their conversation? .. Let's go then... :)..This is one of the few mails they exchanged in the start..

Vini's mail to Vishal :
thanx for replying. you said u would like to know more bout me thanx 4 ur concern .neway i am from the Chembur area.i am extremely fond of WRESTLING .I know it might seem wired 2 know that but hey i am jus a lil different thats all. I like to go around pickin up lil tiffs wid ppl i enjoy gud company & luv to spend time wid frnds.i am also fond of music .I am in college SWAMI and let me tell u that i jus dont like it.Basically coz it's too close to my house. HEY I'D like TO know more bout U TOO COZ ITS NOT FAIR 4 U TO KNOW ALL BOUT ME .So plz reply AND also let me know when you start the group again Ok.TAKE CARE.

Vishal's reply :

hey Vinita,
its my we said hello-hi :).. lets get to knw more now..
So you like wrestling ?..I am afraid of you :) ...Just
Some of our hobbies are too like to wander with friends..., watch movies,football & bla bla bla
Yeah..Me too in Swami ..but my college is way far from yours..Yours is junior college..right?
ummmmmm....whts more? I am like dumb while writing letter to gal..:D
you knw do group management you hve 2 give lot of time..I dnt think for a while it would be possible..

We meet soo many people in your journey of life... With some, we loose touch instantly with Hi ...hello... Some give company to you till it's destined..we call them friends...and with just one you make relationship... Innocent, pure relationship filled with love... How this conversation controls these guys ?..Please have patience ..Read in next parts...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Different kinds of girls I came across...

I am taking a break from Love story series.. Not that I got bored to write..but since long I was not able to write about other things.. after this post, I will again continue with the series.
So, this post is about girls of various personalities I met ....In schools, college, office or somewhere else :) .. Of course there are other kinds...But I will write whatever I remember right now...

1. Simple , homely kind of girl -
"No attitude" ..simple , innocent ... But don't think they are not romantic even though they don't makeup to attract attention of guys. These girls also smile while listening to romantic song on radio and dream about thier ideal imaginary partner :) ... Sometimes I feel how lucky their parents must be...No affair, No worries ! :) Yeah..exceptions are always there. :)

2. Apparently simple - :
These girls pretend to be innocent .. "Acchi Ladki" ... But they know how to spoil someone's mood ..How to make a guy run behind her & then don't give attention.. The worst thing is they will continue to do this throughout their life even though everyone knows how they are.. just like HIV or rabies leave the person only after his death..

3. Wait - For - 10 - Minutes kind of girl - :
When you sit to chat with them , they will make you wait for good 10 minutes.. They like the attention you are giving and want to show how lucky are you that you are getting to chat with this busy Kate Winslet..Hush !!
Typical this conversation will go like this :

She : hi..wassup..
You : Nothing much..just having relax time...what about you? Your exam is over?
(Now wait for 10 I said Madam Kate Winslet is V V Busy).....
She : yeah me too..
(Now, don't post message..She will be back thinking why this guy is not giving attention)
She : You asked something about exam 15 mins back
Now know what to do... just go offline :)

4. Blah Blah blah....Blutter butter....Boo boo -:
These girls talk & talk & talk & .............................Unless either you run away or make them run . Thankfully I met just one girl of this kind.....But I know her relatives must be there somewhere mixed in the crowd....:)

'hey you brought this cell?...Even I want to buy.. shall i buy?... my mummy had similar..i have one..but i want better.. i like to take took photos? me the na..showing attitude..whose photo is this? your gf's?..cause doesn't look like your a clarity..tell me the shop.. i will buy..So what 12000? it's good..shall i buy? tell na..tell tell.' ....

Hush....Such a boring character.. And then you find she is using the same cell of 1500 rupees like she is using since last 4 years.

5. Intelligent & Cute - :
They are topper of the class... Look very good.. A perfect combination of beauty with brain.. They have guys as friends.. But no boy friend... very much matured kind of girls .. They know what's good -bad for themselves..

6. Full to timepass :
Thank god I came across this kind of girl otherwise I would have never known even girls can make guys laugh.. These are veryyyyyy rarely found kind of girls ...they will make different noises, funny accents .. Everything will have their own touch .... They like arguments.. In arguments only they will make you laugh many times.. You simply enjoy their company . Sometimes you wonder about their mental age though they are completely normal.. :)

7. I - Am - The - Queen - Of - Bitch(ING)
If you invite them to wedding , they will bitch about decorations, dress of bride & groom ..If you don't invite them they will bitch how bad you are..They will bitch about their neighbours...neighbour's daughter, dog , relatives , friends , friends' parents....the list is endless..... And one uniqueness you can observe is ..Their ugly face. Almost all bitchers will have ugly face .....Hats off to God ! .. how did he manage that ??????

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love story?? - Part 4

Viniiiii..viniiiiiiiii....... Vini wakes up from deep sleep with that call.. 'Oh..So it's Akshara..The bit**'.. Vini thinks..

Here comes Akshara...Vini's elder sister...Sister..but just for namesake...You may wonder, but Akshara was nothing more than a bit** to her...Usually, completely disliked girl is referred as bitch .. umm..yeah.. and the girl with really really "bad character" is also referred as bitch....and Vini had "both" the reasons .... Yeah.."Both". ... More about her will come in next parts..

'Vini.. Where is my eye liner? ..How many times I told you not to use my things' .. Akshara almost shouts on her..

'Please lower down your voice first if you want to talk to me.. Have you ever seen in my entire lifetime using a eye liner?..and that too yours ? me..' Vini answers back .. Such kinds of heated arguments with Akshara were not new to Vini... Though Vini always used to wonder what's wrong with this girl after every argument.

Vini was never been a kind of girl who looks in the mirror 20- times- a- day.. She was carefree ... you can say.

Vini gets a call from a dad...He had sent his photos on ship and of Berlin city just for her...Being on merchent navy, he used to get opportunity to visit new countries..As Vini sits on comp , thought of Vishal again crosses her mind. She wants to read the stupid mail again... and again. For few minutes she forgets the reason of starting the comp. All she now wants is new mail from Vishal ..and she finds there is only way of having it ..- ' To Write Back' .............

Monday, May 17, 2010

Love story ?? - Part 3

Usually, when you don't get what to write, smilies come to your rescue . You can show surprised, angry, smiling, naughty, laughing - almost all kinds of emotions without writing much.

Vishal adds to the mail - ' Mistake won't be repeated ' and a smiley with WINK.

As soon as Vinita opens her mail account, she sees Reply to her mail with Re:Hi in dark black color . The name of the sender is Guy From Mumbai . The way it's capitalized and the name itself catches Vini's attention. 'So, he has sent the reply finally'..Vini mumbles. No wonder, she was eager to read it. As her eyes go through each word, her mind starts sketching the picture of Vishal. Number of questions start occupying her mind- ' Why didn't he ask about myself?' ..'what must he be doing?'....'does he like me or just being friendly'... Whatever it maybe ..he at least has basic manners and sounds decent.. That wink makes Vini smiles a bit..

Vinita shuts down the comp and goes to balcony. She wanted to feel the cloudy environment. With all clouds gathered , it was about to rain anytime. She sits on small swing and enjoys cold air breeze. The swing was made specially for her by her dad. She was his eye candy afterall, who used to be away from home for 6 months because of merchant navy's work.
With all thoughts about Vishal jumbling in her mind she doesn’t realizes when she turns to sleep.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Love story ?? - Part 2

Days pass by.. the group starts getting popularity.. people start asking suggestions, questions about their relationships.. gifts ..dress to wear on particular occassion.. and even how to make unwanted relatives run away :) .. Vinita herself doesn't realizes when she becomes soo active and frequent visitor of the group.. she used to enjoy replying...she used to enjoy helping.. She was enjoying it to the fullest...

Let's refer to Vinita as Vini... afterall this is how everyone used to refer to her...

One day, Vini finds mail in her inbox. The mail reads -
Thanks for taking your time and helping people.
I really appreciate it. Take care. God bless.

Vini is completely puzzled now. Who the hell is this person and why is he thanking me?.. She think , 'Shall I reply and ask him or shall I just ignore?' ..Cause her caution would have never allowed her entertaining stranger . Unable to get a clue, she decides to reply- 'Thanks..but May I know about yourself plz' . Vishal on the other hand, is happy to see reply in his inbox. He was not expecting it . But his reaction was cold. He was just happy get a mail from someone like minded. Afterall, he did not mail to Vini with the intention of getting close to her.

Vishal replies - " I am the owner of the group.. I should have mentioned about it . Sorry for that'.. But , this hardly takes one line.. 'Oh.. I should write something else too.. It does not look good to just answer it.. I will look like someone very introvert..which I am not ..' Vishal thinks.

As always .. next part in next post :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Love story ? - 1

You must have seen or even experienced similar kind of love story.. I don't know it's a love , attraction or feeling to fall in love in adolescent age that gives rise to this kind of "Love stories".

Our story has two main characters.. VINITA and VISHAL ....Or you can say only characters.. because role of other characters is almost insignificant. Let me take opportunity to introduce our lead pair :)

VINITA .. the punjabi bubbly girl from well to do family in her 12th..studying in some college in Mumbai... Look wise fair .. a bit on healthier side.. Exceptionally good by nature.. always coming with wierd jokes .. with her own accent.... one thing is sure , you won't get bored with her company . No doubt she has huge friend circle . You may find her mad sometime, but you would be surprised to see how matured this girl is within. And yeah.. I forgot to mention , this girl hates her sister like anything. Why ? Well.. for that you need to have some patience.

VISHAL... the guy from Mumbai .. studying in 2nd year .. He is too from well to do and well educated family, though not Punjabi . He has lot of free time in hand. Like most of the college going boys, apart from going to college he hardly does anything. He is stable minded ..presentable..& nice guy , in search of love of his life.

Sometime, you yourself wonder how things take place , coincidences happen . Life has it's own game to play. Vinita was a member of yahoo group - ' Group of good friends' . And guess..who was the owner of the group?..yeah.. our Vishal ... He had opened the group to make new with new people .. Actually he wanted to enjoy this new found authority being the owner of the group. Though the name of the group was 'Group of good friends' , all members in the group were strangers ; Nonetheless, they were active in the group.

what happens next? ... Will write in next part..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some HaTKE Advertisements and Jingles.......

I feel nowdays advertisements though help to "advertise" product but somewhere fail in reaching people .. My most favourite recent advertise would be Sensible cooling ad of "VOltas Air conditioner" . I liked the jingle "sensible he sensible he ye cooling ... " and the old man with kids with adorable smiles.. Superb ad !

If I have to list some ads in early 90s.. I would choose Bajaj's HAMARA BAJAJ's ad as the BEST .

The jingle "HAMARA BAJA ..BULAND BHARAT KI BULAND TASBIR .. HAMARA BAJAJ ...HAMARA BAJAJ" was soo popular as it used to give the feeling of being proud Indian.. Don't know why? .. The power of lyrics in advertisement can be seen from this ad. Simple ad - Guy travelling with his wife and kids.. No special effects ..nothing ! Still aims at the target customers. woww !

Another ad which mingles in my mind is of NEROLAC PAINT . You must be remembering the jingle " JAB GHAR KI RAUNAT BADHANI HO.. DIWARO KO JAB SAJANA HO.. NEROLAC NEROLAC..

How can I forget our own Super Powerful FEVICOL's advertise.. Be it with elephants or super crowded truck ..brilliant Idea ! . .

Then do you remember airtel's ad? AIRTEL's EXPRESS YOURSELF Ad is helluva inspirational one .

Nigahe Nigaon Se Milakar to Dekho

Aasman Simat Jaega Tumhari Aagosh Me

Chahat Ki Bahe Failkar To Dekho

Dil Ki Baat Batakar To Dekho

.. you get goosebumps.. The sequence of little girl performing gymnasium stunts is really great. Your get filled with some kind of energy ..lolzz..sounds funny .. I know.. :)

There are not many memorable ads considering almost daily we see some or the other new ad coming on television. But , without mentioning following ads, this post would be incomplete.

Nirma - In early 90's and even in mid NIRMA got soo much popularity with the ad in which lady comes up with Nirma tikiya ( yeah.. not soap and all...remember..we are talking about ad in 90's:D) and cleans dirty mel vala kapda. And in the background you hear - Washing powder Nirma Washing powder Nirma....... and other ad is of DHARA OIL - Jalebi with little boy wants to have Puri ..and his mummy with all lad pyar prepares nice puris for him :) ..The little boy was really cute looking and seeing big 4 feet pooris (yeah.. I am not exaggerating :D) I used to feel to go and buy Dhara oil and tell mummy to prepare for me :)

Hats off to creative minds behind these ads ..!

Facebook addict??

When I was on orkut I never felt switching to facebook for the simplicity orkut offers. But, now I find some of the facebook features soo good and useful that now I don't feel switching back to Orkut.
1. Facebook status - : Really good... You get to see updates about your all friends' status . Plus, when you write comment on someone's status, you get notifications when that person get other replies you can quickly go and read replies of other people too ....

2 . Wall - This is another reason why I like facebook . You can actually see the person's activity on facebook , unless ofcourse the person has not deleted wall entries manually.

3. Farmville - the most popular game on social networking site.. I heard ppl are soooo crazy about this game that they cant even concetrate in office. All they think about is which crop they should have in their farm, whether they have milked the cow before coming to office or not :)

Moreover I get message on my cell as soon as someone posts something on my wall or replies to my post . So, you can fatak se reply or chat with the person ... Isn't it superb??
.. Thumbs up to facebook ! :))

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am only an ordinary mortal

I am only an ordinary mortal .
I have no power to change.
Perhaps in that very inability lies all my smallness
And maybe that's how the divine architect meant it to be.
All our lives are myriad blueprints, structured from life to death.

But I don't challenge life's many philosophies nor do I rebel.
as I am just an ordinary mortal .. I have no power to change.

I live my life in submission to destiny's plan
I am a mere puppet ..fate holds the strings.
My role in life's grand oups was already etched.
Though insignificant before many marvels and miracles.

I have to play my part to the end , come what may.
It was never meant to be otherwise.
For I am only an ordinay mortal .. I have no power to change.

But then........................I am after all human
I can never be infallible

And so though I am supposed to comply , not complain

A deep restlessness permeates my being
And desire takes birth inb my bosom

With it emerges doubt..
That though life has something in store for me,
what if that something isn't that good enough?

I want to live like a maverick, unshackled, unbound
Free to reap the sweet harvest to my desires
I want to soar into the skies like an ecstatic bird
And breach barriers into unknown horizons

I want to leave my indelible mark on life's stage
before the final bow, before the curtain falls.
I want my presence felt long after
It is a wondeful dream ..but it is only dream.

And though I want to see it become reality,
Ireespective of fate's intervention.
I must remember.....................
I am just an ordinary mortal .. with no power to change.....................

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Client Aaya ...

Our department works for NIKE company. NIKE is our client . Today, two executive ladies from NIKE USA visited our office. For last week or two, we had been doing lot of preparation for this visit like we have choreographed dance, dramas , colored our office ..this that.. And above this, there is no count to manager's instructions like what questions to ask, be energetic ..blah blah..

All dance & dramas will happen tmrw (Friday) .
When these ladies came yesterday afternoon , I just wrote few lines while pretending to be working sincerely :)

client aaya client aaya
naya project sath me dher sara paisa laya..

managers ki bhag daud

lapet ke sab kam aur jagah chhod
client ki pichhe hath jod
aaj band sab testing aur na koi code
client aaya client aaya

instructions aur meetings

kaise bolana,hasna, chalna, khana
client ko alag hi vishw jo he dikhana
khoosh karna jo he pata nahi vapas kab hoga aana
client aaya client aaya,.