Monday, May 10, 2010

Love story ? - 1

You must have seen or even experienced similar kind of love story.. I don't know it's a love , attraction or feeling to fall in love in adolescent age that gives rise to this kind of "Love stories".

Our story has two main characters.. VINITA and VISHAL ....Or you can say only characters.. because role of other characters is almost insignificant. Let me take opportunity to introduce our lead pair :)

VINITA .. the punjabi bubbly girl from well to do family in her 12th..studying in some college in Mumbai... Look wise fair .. a bit on healthier side.. Exceptionally good by nature.. always coming with wierd jokes .. with her own accent.... one thing is sure , you won't get bored with her company . No doubt she has huge friend circle . You may find her mad sometime, but you would be surprised to see how matured this girl is within. And yeah.. I forgot to mention , this girl hates her sister like anything. Why ? Well.. for that you need to have some patience.

VISHAL... the guy from Mumbai .. studying in 2nd year .. He is too from well to do and well educated family, though not Punjabi . He has lot of free time in hand. Like most of the college going boys, apart from going to college he hardly does anything. He is stable minded ..presentable..& nice guy , in search of love of his life.

Sometime, you yourself wonder how things take place , coincidences happen . Life has it's own game to play. Vinita was a member of yahoo group - ' Group of good friends' . And guess..who was the owner of the group?..yeah.. our Vishal ... He had opened the group to make new with new people .. Actually he wanted to enjoy this new found authority being the owner of the group. Though the name of the group was 'Group of good friends' , all members in the group were strangers ; Nonetheless, they were active in the group.

what happens next? ... Will write in next part..


Jaunty anima said...

Now waiting for the next part!!

prasadk said...

Hmm.. Will write soon :)

Thanks for your encouraging comment..~

Insignia said...

Is this an autobiography? :-P

Waiting for more!

prasadk said...

Nope.. :) As I said it's between Vinita and Vishal.

Thanks and keep posting on your blog.

SRILAXMI said...

i had a similar idea once... of writing a love story in parts on my blog... seems we have a few things in common prasad...!!!

pRasad said...

Indeed Srilaxmi..we have many things common..:-). Hope u enjoyed this blog.