Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Facebook addict??

When I was on orkut I never felt switching to facebook for the simplicity orkut offers. But, now I find some of the facebook features soo good and useful that now I don't feel switching back to Orkut.
1. Facebook status - : Really good... You get to see updates about your all friends' status . Plus, when you write comment on someone's status, you get notifications when that person get other replies ..so you can quickly go and read replies of other people too ....

2 . Wall - This is another reason why I like facebook . You can actually see the person's activity on facebook , unless ofcourse the person has not deleted wall entries manually.

3. Farmville - the most popular game on social networking site.. I heard ppl are soooo crazy about this game that they cant even concetrate in office. All they think about is which crop they should have in their farm, whether they have milked the cow before coming to office or not :)

Moreover I get message on my cell as soon as someone posts something on my wall or replies to my post . So, you can fatak se reply or chat with the person ... Isn't it superb??
.. Thumbs up to facebook ! :))

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