Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some HaTKE Advertisements and Jingles.......

I feel nowdays advertisements though help to "advertise" product but somewhere fail in reaching people .. My most favourite recent advertise would be Sensible cooling ad of "VOltas Air conditioner" . I liked the jingle "sensible he sensible he ye cooling ... " and the old man with kids with adorable smiles.. Superb ad !

If I have to list some ads in early 90s.. I would choose Bajaj's HAMARA BAJAJ's ad as the BEST .

The jingle "HAMARA BAJA ..BULAND BHARAT KI BULAND TASBIR .. HAMARA BAJAJ ...HAMARA BAJAJ" was soo popular as it used to give the feeling of being proud Indian.. Don't know why? .. The power of lyrics in advertisement can be seen from this ad. Simple ad - Guy travelling with his wife and kids.. No special effects ..nothing ! Still aims at the target customers. woww !

Another ad which mingles in my mind is of NEROLAC PAINT . You must be remembering the jingle " JAB GHAR KI RAUNAT BADHANI HO.. DIWARO KO JAB SAJANA HO.. NEROLAC NEROLAC..

How can I forget our own Super Powerful FEVICOL's advertise.. Be it with elephants or super crowded truck ..brilliant Idea ! . .

Then do you remember airtel's ad? AIRTEL's EXPRESS YOURSELF Ad is helluva inspirational one .

Nigahe Nigaon Se Milakar to Dekho

Aasman Simat Jaega Tumhari Aagosh Me

Chahat Ki Bahe Failkar To Dekho

Dil Ki Baat Batakar To Dekho

.. you get goosebumps.. The sequence of little girl performing gymnasium stunts is really great. Your get filled with some kind of energy ..lolzz..sounds funny .. I know.. :)

There are not many memorable ads considering almost daily we see some or the other new ad coming on television. But , without mentioning following ads, this post would be incomplete.

Nirma - In early 90's and even in mid NIRMA got soo much popularity with the ad in which lady comes up with Nirma tikiya ( yeah.. not soap and all...remember..we are talking about ad in 90's:D) and cleans dirty mel vala kapda. And in the background you hear - Washing powder Nirma Washing powder Nirma....... and other ad is of DHARA OIL - Jalebi with little boy wants to have Puri ..and his mummy with all lad pyar prepares nice puris for him :) ..The little boy was really cute looking and seeing big 4 feet pooris (yeah.. I am not exaggerating :D) I used to feel to go and buy Dhara oil and tell mummy to prepare for me :)

Hats off to creative minds behind these ads ..!


Rhishikesh said...

Nice post.

I remember the Bajaj ad. Enjoyed reading.

Jaunty anima said...

Ohh yesh...u filled me wid a sense of nostalgia...those lovely days I tell you..These people were so damn creative!!Weaved magic with the simplest of things..which ttoday's glamour and glimmer can't ever match!

prasadk said...

Thanks Jaunty for keeping such a lovely comment. I totally agree with you, those advertisements were best ! :)

@Rishikesh: Thanks :)

suholla said...

I can watch these ads numerous times and love them every time. Thanks for this post, good one!

prasadk said...


Thanks for your comment. Nice to see you guys appreciating these ads.

Nitisha said...

Haha, I sure remember that jalebi kid! He used to be so cute!
Great, unforgettable ads! :)

pRasad said...

yeah.. Everyone used to like that kid. :)

SRILAXMI said...

hey... nice one... just gng thru ur blog...!!

Geet said...

freak man.. i just blogged abt ads & realized that its bcuz of you... your post must have stuck to my sub conscious mind;P

that reminds me, i got rite 1 on subconscious self :D

wow.. ur somewhat of an inspiration eh :))

pRasad said...


Biggest complement ever :)

Thank you..
But it's not because of me..it's because of advertisements I have mentioned in this post..

In ads ki bat hi nirali he..:)