Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love Story??- Part 7

The mail part does not end there.. On next day, Vishal writes -
You are really silly..If I ask her name she would get suspicious...lol...& I don't want that..
And please lemme know how did you patau your daddy for the cell ?.. Even I can use the same technique..lol

This mail ends here itself.. Vishal got nothing more to write...

Vini comes from college....Actually not from college..She had bunked the college for the first time with her friend Jassi...Jassi was Vini's classmate & she even used to stay in nearby apartment.. They both, along with couple of other friends had gone to Bandra Bandstand.. Bandra Bandstand is Mumbai's one of the beautiful sea face location..Vini wanted to share all these things with Vishal.

'Vinnniiiiiiiiii...tusii idhar aa pehale......ye kapde jo dal ke rakhe he na bistar pe vo uthale....pata nahi kab badi hogi..' Vini's mom aka Vini's best entertainer shouts. Vini hardly ever used to take her anything seriously.. She used to tease her mom , fight with her..just like we do with our friends...but somewhere deep inside , Vini used to feel - Wish my mom would have been more considerate ...............

After having snacks, Vini sits to write mail - To her pleasant surprise, she finds One New Mail in her inbox..
'Buddhu ka buddhu hi rahega' was her reaction when she sees just two lines of mail.....She quickly types -:
I know Im very silly ..good u reminded me..actually im a lil stupid when it comes to all this stuff so plz pardon me ok?. and how I pataud my dad was very simple ..I just kept bugging him 24/7 ..I don't think that will work for you coz daughters are darlings to dad..see ~ ladki hone ka fayda :)
Heyyy..Today me & Jassi bunked our 2nd lecture.. Jassi is my beshtessht friend..:) ..aur ye jassi to itani pagal he na , use pani me jana tha.. sath me mera bhi hath khichke leke gayi...upar se barish bhi ho rahi thi..aur ye pagali chhata college me hi bhool ke aayi...we had really good time ....mera favt butter scotch bhi liyaaaa...yummmmm...
what else?? Wish I could talk to you .. I'm not forcing..but ..what if we talk over phone?..

Vini shuts down the comp & goes to bed....Entire day's tiredness was taking toll on her...Hardly did she know , the excitement of reading Vishal's reply on her proposal would not have let her sleep easily........

Friday, June 18, 2010

Love story?? - Part 6

If you have read previous post to this, you must be knowing that Vishal was having crush on some girl in his college... She was senior to Vishal.... fair looking scholar .. Her smile used to make guys get weak in the knees.
Once, Vishal writes to Vini - :
I don't know have I told you this or not but I managed to somehow interact with the girl...the same girl in my college. I went to her & asked if I can get your books if you no longer need them?...But I was breathing heavily while talking with her..& it became very difficult for me to utter even word. Somehow I completed the sentence...so I asked her only this much..
And what about you? Did you tell the guy that you like him?
By the way how much time you took to write last mail ??..This is not done yaar.. Even I never took this much time to reply to any of your mail.
Signing off for now.. Take care..
God bless

To which Vini replies -:
You are soo stupid...ladki se poocha bhi to books ke bare me..couldn't you have asked her about her name instead? anyway, not a bad for start but next time when you try to talk to her just be natural..and don't panic. and you can always rely on me for advice on gals. I may not behave like gals but I still am a gal so I know better about wat gals like & what they dont. Now enough my lecture.
Noo yaar.. the guy does not no I like him ...nor did I give him any hints. I don't even talk to him . If I talk, i will faint then & there & I am just too afraid to say nething. My friends told me that he likes someone else but the girl he likes is already going around with some other guy.. guess..he had his share of bad luck too..just like me.
Arey..I am so sorry for late reply..exam was going on naaa ..by the way did I tell you I got a new cell motoral L7.it's soo cute ..I just love it.
Chal..you take care..Bye.

Vishal finds it quite childish...Sorry at the end ?? ...... that too with just one line? ..when she was knowing somone is waiting for her mails without knowing what's going on at her end.

...So what if they were not in love ?....On the other hand he finds it quite funny that Vini is deeped so much in the joy of new motorola that writing mail hardly concerns to her .

....and look at the advice she gave ...then what happened to her while talking with that guy ? ...A light smile flashes on his face.. ..this girl is soo immature...Vishal thinks....still he somewhere feels , Vini should have apologized in first place itself .. it's not like as if he wanted apology or something....but he would have felt much better that she concerns .. That's all.
Maybe with each new mail imaginary picturization of character called Vini has started.......

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love story?? - Part 5

End of previous post ( Love story??- Part 4 )
All she now wants is new mail from Vishal ..and she finds there is only way of having it ..- ' To Write Back' .............

Love story??- Part 5

Soon it became chain of mails... Mail.. Reply..New mail.. Reply...and it went on.. A mail in the inbox is all they used to wait for. If someday, either of them did not send mail , it used to become a day of questions for other - Why?.. When?...how??. You think it's love?.. No ! In fact, Vini once told Vishal, how she has a crush on a guy in her class and Vishal used to tell - How he is totally infatuated by his senior who looks no less than some miss world..

Many a times it happened that while writing mail someone used to come suddenly..With the fear of getting caught Vishal's heart used to beat so loud that person could actually hear heart beats.. Ok...A bit exaggeration..

Today you want to peep into their conversation? .. Let's go then... :)..This is one of the few mails they exchanged in the start..

Vini's mail to Vishal :
thanx for replying. you said u would like to know more bout me thanx 4 ur concern .neway i am from the Chembur area.i am extremely fond of WRESTLING .I know it might seem wired 2 know that but hey i am jus a lil different thats all. I like to go around pickin up lil tiffs wid ppl i enjoy gud company & luv to spend time wid frnds.i am also fond of music .I am in college SWAMI and let me tell u that i jus dont like it.Basically coz it's too close to my house. HEY I'D like TO know more bout U TOO COZ ITS NOT FAIR 4 U TO KNOW ALL BOUT ME .So plz reply AND also let me know when you start the group again Ok.TAKE CARE.

Vishal's reply :

hey Vinita,
its my pleasure..so we said hello-hi :).. lets get to knw more now..
So you like wrestling ?..I am afraid of you :) ...Just kidding..lol
Some of our hobbies are common..me too like to wander with friends..., watch movies,football & bla bla bla
Yeah..Me too in Swami ..but my college is way far from yours..Yours is junior college..right?
ummmmmm....whts more? I am like dumb while writing letter to gal..:D
you knw wht..to do group management you hve 2 give lot of time..I dnt think for a while it would be possible..

We meet soo many people in your journey of life... With some, we loose touch instantly with Hi ...hello... Some give company to you till it's destined..we call them friends...and with just one you make relationship... Innocent, pure relationship filled with love... How this conversation controls these guys ?..Please have patience ..Read in next parts...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Different kinds of girls I came across...

I am taking a break from Love story series.. Not that I got bored to write..but since long I was not able to write about other things.. after this post, I will again continue with the series.
So, this post is about girls of various personalities I met ....In schools, college, office or somewhere else :) .. Of course there are other kinds...But I will write whatever I remember right now...

1. Simple , homely kind of girl -
"No attitude" ..simple , innocent ... But don't think they are not romantic even though they don't makeup to attract attention of guys. These girls also smile while listening to romantic song on radio and dream about thier ideal imaginary partner :) ... Sometimes I feel how lucky their parents must be...No affair, No worries ! :) Yeah..exceptions are always there. :)

2. Apparently simple - :
These girls pretend to be innocent .. "Acchi Ladki" ... But they know how to spoil someone's mood ..How to make a guy run behind her & then don't give attention.. The worst thing is they will continue to do this throughout their life even though everyone knows how they are.. just like HIV or rabies leave the person only after his death..

3. Wait - For - 10 - Minutes kind of girl - :
When you sit to chat with them , they will make you wait for good 10 minutes.. They like the attention you are giving and want to show how lucky are you that you are getting to chat with this busy Kate Winslet..Hush !!
Typical this conversation will go like this :

She : hi..wassup..
You : Nothing much..just having relax time...what about you? Your exam is over?
(Now wait for 10 minutes...as I said Madam Kate Winslet is V V Busy).....
She : yeah me too..
(Now, don't post message..She will be back thinking why this guy is not giving attention)
She : You asked something about exam 15 mins back
Now ..you know what to do... just go offline :)

4. Blah Blah blah....Blutter butter....Boo boo -:
These girls talk & talk & talk & .............................Unless either you run away or make them run . Thankfully I met just one girl of this kind.....But I know her relatives must be there somewhere mixed in the crowd....:)

'hey you brought this cell?...Even I want to buy.. shall i buy?... my mummy had similar..i have one..but i want better.. i like to take photos..you took photos?..show me the photos..show na..showing attitude..whose photo is this? your gf's?..cause doesn't look like your sister..wow..what a clarity..tell me the shop.. i will buy..So what 12000? it's good..shall i buy? tell na..tell tell.' ....

Hush....Such a boring character.. And then you find she is using the same cell of 1500 rupees like she is using since last 4 years.

5. Intelligent & Cute - :
They are topper of the class... Look very good.. A perfect combination of beauty with brain.. They have guys as friends.. But no boy friend... very much matured kind of girls .. They know what's good -bad for themselves..

6. Full to timepass :
Thank god I came across this kind of girl otherwise I would have never known even girls can make guys laugh.. These are veryyyyyy rarely found kind of girls ...they will make different noises, funny accents .. Everything will have their own touch .... They like arguments.. In arguments only they will make you laugh many times.. You simply enjoy their company . Sometimes you wonder about their mental age though they are completely normal.. :)

7. I - Am - The - Queen - Of - Bitch(ING)
If you invite them to wedding , they will bitch about decorations, dress of bride & groom ..If you don't invite them they will bitch how bad you are..They will bitch about their neighbours...neighbour's daughter, dog , relatives , friends , friends' parents....the list is endless..... And one uniqueness you can observe is ..Their ugly face. Almost all bitchers will have ugly face .....Hats off to God ! .. how did he manage that ??????