Friday, June 18, 2010

Love story?? - Part 6

If you have read previous post to this, you must be knowing that Vishal was having crush on some girl in his college... She was senior to Vishal.... fair looking scholar .. Her smile used to make guys get weak in the knees.
Once, Vishal writes to Vini - :
I don't know have I told you this or not but I managed to somehow interact with the girl...the same girl in my college. I went to her & asked if I can get your books if you no longer need them?...But I was breathing heavily while talking with her..& it became very difficult for me to utter even word. Somehow I completed the I asked her only this much..
And what about you? Did you tell the guy that you like him?
By the way how much time you took to write last mail ??..This is not done yaar.. Even I never took this much time to reply to any of your mail.
Signing off for now.. Take care..
God bless

To which Vini replies -:
You are soo stupid...ladki se poocha bhi to books ke bare me..couldn't you have asked her about her name instead? anyway, not a bad for start but next time when you try to talk to her just be natural..and don't panic. and you can always rely on me for advice on gals. I may not behave like gals but I still am a gal so I know better about wat gals like & what they dont. Now enough my lecture.
Noo yaar.. the guy does not no I like him ...nor did I give him any hints. I don't even talk to him . If I talk, i will faint then & there & I am just too afraid to say nething. My friends told me that he likes someone else but the girl he likes is already going around with some other guy.. guess..he had his share of bad luck too..just like me.
Arey..I am so sorry for late reply..exam was going on naaa the way did I tell you I got a new cell motoral's soo cute ..I just love it. take care..Bye.

Vishal finds it quite childish...Sorry at the end ?? ...... that too with just one line? ..when she was knowing somone is waiting for her mails without knowing what's going on at her end.

...So what if they were not in love ?....On the other hand he finds it quite funny that Vini is deeped so much in the joy of new motorola that writing mail hardly concerns to her .

....and look at the advice she gave ...then what happened to her while talking with that guy ? ...A light smile flashes on his face.. ..this girl is soo immature...Vishal thinks....still he somewhere feels , Vini should have apologized in first place itself .. it's not like as if he wanted apology or something....but he would have felt much better that she concerns .. That's all.
Maybe with each new mail imaginary picturization of character called Vini has started.......


Urvashi said...

hhmmmm..u knw wen I read Vini's reply I also thot k how come on one hand she advices Vishal to talk without fear n then she herself panics to talk to the guy...she herself doesnt realise the opposite view she gives...

but then later I read how even Vishal felt the same..

by ur description Vishal sounds to be more matured than Vini... a very rare case..but good to knw tht..

w8in 4 next..

Urvashi.. :)

pRasad said...

Yup..Vishal is quite matured.. Hopefully Vini will be same..probably because of her age she is like that.. or will she never be? ...Will be interesting to see..

Always nice to read your comments. Thanks soo much :)

Lisa Hazarika said...

I believe a small child is always hidden inside a gal which comes out occasionally..we feel happy with small small things..being a gal i can say this with confidence :) Anyways i am loving these characters..Keep going..Dil mange more..

pRasad said...

Even I believe , there is always a small child hidden in every girl.. and it's nice to see when it comes out...

hmm..this is your first comment on this series & It feels nice know you are liking the characters. Thanksss For kind words :)