Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love story?? - Part 5

End of previous post ( Love story??- Part 4 )
All she now wants is new mail from Vishal ..and she finds there is only way of having it ..- ' To Write Back' .............

Love story??- Part 5

Soon it became chain of mails... Mail.. Reply..New mail.. Reply...and it went on.. A mail in the inbox is all they used to wait for. If someday, either of them did not send mail , it used to become a day of questions for other - Why?.. When? You think it's love?.. No ! In fact, Vini once told Vishal, how she has a crush on a guy in her class and Vishal used to tell - How he is totally infatuated by his senior who looks no less than some miss world..

Many a times it happened that while writing mail someone used to come suddenly..With the fear of getting caught Vishal's heart used to beat so loud that person could actually hear heart beats.. Ok...A bit exaggeration..

Today you want to peep into their conversation? .. Let's go then... :)..This is one of the few mails they exchanged in the start..

Vini's mail to Vishal :
thanx for replying. you said u would like to know more bout me thanx 4 ur concern .neway i am from the Chembur area.i am extremely fond of WRESTLING .I know it might seem wired 2 know that but hey i am jus a lil different thats all. I like to go around pickin up lil tiffs wid ppl i enjoy gud company & luv to spend time wid frnds.i am also fond of music .I am in college SWAMI and let me tell u that i jus dont like it.Basically coz it's too close to my house. HEY I'D like TO know more bout U TOO COZ ITS NOT FAIR 4 U TO KNOW ALL BOUT ME .So plz reply AND also let me know when you start the group again Ok.TAKE CARE.

Vishal's reply :

hey Vinita,
its my we said hello-hi :).. lets get to knw more now..
So you like wrestling ?..I am afraid of you :) ...Just
Some of our hobbies are too like to wander with friends..., watch movies,football & bla bla bla
Yeah..Me too in Swami ..but my college is way far from yours..Yours is junior college..right?
ummmmmm....whts more? I am like dumb while writing letter to gal..:D
you knw do group management you hve 2 give lot of time..I dnt think for a while it would be possible..

We meet soo many people in your journey of life... With some, we loose touch instantly with Hi ...hello... Some give company to you till it's destined..we call them friends...and with just one you make relationship... Innocent, pure relationship filled with love... How this conversation controls these guys ?..Please have patience ..Read in next parts...


Urvashi said...

simple but conversation for starting.the best part abt ur story is that u made everything sound natural while narration. there was no attempt of exagerrating or loads of description etc. so, it sounds good.

Also, as the story is about online frnds(till now..maybe it would turn into a love story soon... )it is something tht most of the people i nthis age of social networking can relate to..

Keep going..w8ing 4 next.. TC :)

pRasad said...

I think this is one of the best comments I got till now .

Thank you Soo much :))

Waiting for posts from you as well..

Harini Malhotra said...

eagarly waiting for the next part...

pRasad said...


Thankss.. Will write the next part by today or tmrw..:)

pRasad said...

I got a mail from a girl Harita which I just can't stop sharing:

Hi Prasad,

I am a very regular reader for ur blog,Idle Time,Love story…?I am very eager to know what will be happening next in Vini nad Vishal’s life.will they be meeting,or will they be talking over the net..or blah blah blah….so many questions are creeping mind…Please Complete the other part…as you had last written om 9th June 2010 and today is 19th June 2010.

I am so sorry for intruding but…sysly I could not resist from writing as I could not wait…and I even apologize as I took the liberty of writing down

Harita Rambhatla.

Many many Thankssssss Harita:))