Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love story?? - Part 4

Viniiiii..viniiiiiiiii....... Vini wakes up from deep sleep with that call.. 'Oh..So it's Akshara..The bit**'.. Vini thinks..

Here comes Akshara...Vini's elder sister...Sister..but just for namesake...You may wonder, but Akshara was nothing more than a bit** to her...Usually, completely disliked girl is referred as bitch .. umm..yeah.. and the girl with really really "bad character" is also referred as bitch....and Vini had "both" the reasons .... Yeah.."Both". ... More about her will come in next parts..

'Vini.. Where is my eye liner? ..How many times I told you not to use my things' .. Akshara almost shouts on her..

'Please lower down your voice first if you want to talk to me.. Have you ever seen in my entire lifetime using a eye liner?..and that too yours ? me..' Vini answers back .. Such kinds of heated arguments with Akshara were not new to Vini... Though Vini always used to wonder what's wrong with this girl after every argument.

Vini was never been a kind of girl who looks in the mirror 20- times- a- day.. She was carefree ... you can say.

Vini gets a call from a dad...He had sent his photos on ship and of Berlin city just for her...Being on merchent navy, he used to get opportunity to visit new countries..As Vini sits on comp , thought of Vishal again crosses her mind. She wants to read the stupid mail again... and again. For few minutes she forgets the reason of starting the comp. All she now wants is new mail from Vishal ..and she finds there is only way of having it ..- ' To Write Back' .............

Monday, May 17, 2010

Love story ?? - Part 3

Usually, when you don't get what to write, smilies come to your rescue . You can show surprised, angry, smiling, naughty, laughing - almost all kinds of emotions without writing much.

Vishal adds to the mail - ' Mistake won't be repeated ' and a smiley with WINK.

As soon as Vinita opens her mail account, she sees Reply to her mail with Re:Hi in dark black color . The name of the sender is Guy From Mumbai . The way it's capitalized and the name itself catches Vini's attention. 'So, he has sent the reply finally'..Vini mumbles. No wonder, she was eager to read it. As her eyes go through each word, her mind starts sketching the picture of Vishal. Number of questions start occupying her mind- ' Why didn't he ask about myself?' ..'what must he be doing?'....'does he like me or just being friendly'... Whatever it maybe ..he at least has basic manners and sounds decent.. That wink makes Vini smiles a bit..

Vinita shuts down the comp and goes to balcony. She wanted to feel the cloudy environment. With all clouds gathered , it was about to rain anytime. She sits on small swing and enjoys cold air breeze. The swing was made specially for her by her dad. She was his eye candy afterall, who used to be away from home for 6 months because of merchant navy's work.
With all thoughts about Vishal jumbling in her mind she doesn’t realizes when she turns to sleep.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Love story ?? - Part 2

Days pass by.. the group starts getting popularity.. people start asking suggestions, questions about their relationships.. gifts ..dress to wear on particular occassion.. and even how to make unwanted relatives run away :) .. Vinita herself doesn't realizes when she becomes soo active and frequent visitor of the group.. she used to enjoy replying...she used to enjoy helping.. She was enjoying it to the fullest...

Let's refer to Vinita as Vini... afterall this is how everyone used to refer to her...

One day, Vini finds mail in her inbox. The mail reads -
Thanks for taking your time and helping people.
I really appreciate it. Take care. God bless.

Vini is completely puzzled now. Who the hell is this person and why is he thanking me?.. She think , 'Shall I reply and ask him or shall I just ignore?' ..Cause her caution would have never allowed her entertaining stranger . Unable to get a clue, she decides to reply- 'Thanks..but May I know about yourself plz' . Vishal on the other hand, is happy to see reply in his inbox. He was not expecting it . But his reaction was cold. He was just happy get a mail from someone like minded. Afterall, he did not mail to Vini with the intention of getting close to her.

Vishal replies - " I am the owner of the group.. I should have mentioned about it . Sorry for that'.. But , this hardly takes one line.. 'Oh.. I should write something else too.. It does not look good to just answer it.. I will look like someone very introvert..which I am not ..' Vishal thinks.

As always .. next part in next post :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Love story ? - 1

You must have seen or even experienced similar kind of love story.. I don't know it's a love , attraction or feeling to fall in love in adolescent age that gives rise to this kind of "Love stories".

Our story has two main characters.. VINITA and VISHAL ....Or you can say only characters.. because role of other characters is almost insignificant. Let me take opportunity to introduce our lead pair :)

VINITA .. the punjabi bubbly girl from well to do family in her 12th..studying in some college in Mumbai... Look wise fair .. a bit on healthier side.. Exceptionally good by nature.. always coming with wierd jokes .. with her own accent.... one thing is sure , you won't get bored with her company . No doubt she has huge friend circle . You may find her mad sometime, but you would be surprised to see how matured this girl is within. And yeah.. I forgot to mention , this girl hates her sister like anything. Why ? Well.. for that you need to have some patience.

VISHAL... the guy from Mumbai .. studying in 2nd year .. He is too from well to do and well educated family, though not Punjabi . He has lot of free time in hand. Like most of the college going boys, apart from going to college he hardly does anything. He is stable minded ..presentable..& nice guy , in search of love of his life.

Sometime, you yourself wonder how things take place , coincidences happen . Life has it's own game to play. Vinita was a member of yahoo group - ' Group of good friends' . And guess..who was the owner of the group?..yeah.. our Vishal ... He had opened the group to make new with new people .. Actually he wanted to enjoy this new found authority being the owner of the group. Though the name of the group was 'Group of good friends' , all members in the group were strangers ; Nonetheless, they were active in the group.

what happens next? ... Will write in next part..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some HaTKE Advertisements and Jingles.......

I feel nowdays advertisements though help to "advertise" product but somewhere fail in reaching people .. My most favourite recent advertise would be Sensible cooling ad of "VOltas Air conditioner" . I liked the jingle "sensible he sensible he ye cooling ... " and the old man with kids with adorable smiles.. Superb ad !

If I have to list some ads in early 90s.. I would choose Bajaj's HAMARA BAJAJ's ad as the BEST .

The jingle "HAMARA BAJA ..BULAND BHARAT KI BULAND TASBIR .. HAMARA BAJAJ ...HAMARA BAJAJ" was soo popular as it used to give the feeling of being proud Indian.. Don't know why? .. The power of lyrics in advertisement can be seen from this ad. Simple ad - Guy travelling with his wife and kids.. No special effects ..nothing ! Still aims at the target customers. woww !

Another ad which mingles in my mind is of NEROLAC PAINT . You must be remembering the jingle " JAB GHAR KI RAUNAT BADHANI HO.. DIWARO KO JAB SAJANA HO.. NEROLAC NEROLAC..

How can I forget our own Super Powerful FEVICOL's advertise.. Be it with elephants or super crowded truck ..brilliant Idea ! . .

Then do you remember airtel's ad? AIRTEL's EXPRESS YOURSELF Ad is helluva inspirational one .

Nigahe Nigaon Se Milakar to Dekho

Aasman Simat Jaega Tumhari Aagosh Me

Chahat Ki Bahe Failkar To Dekho

Dil Ki Baat Batakar To Dekho

.. you get goosebumps.. The sequence of little girl performing gymnasium stunts is really great. Your get filled with some kind of energy ..lolzz..sounds funny .. I know.. :)

There are not many memorable ads considering almost daily we see some or the other new ad coming on television. But , without mentioning following ads, this post would be incomplete.

Nirma - In early 90's and even in mid NIRMA got soo much popularity with the ad in which lady comes up with Nirma tikiya ( yeah.. not soap and all...remember..we are talking about ad in 90's:D) and cleans dirty mel vala kapda. And in the background you hear - Washing powder Nirma Washing powder Nirma....... and other ad is of DHARA OIL - Jalebi with little boy wants to have Puri ..and his mummy with all lad pyar prepares nice puris for him :) ..The little boy was really cute looking and seeing big 4 feet pooris (yeah.. I am not exaggerating :D) I used to feel to go and buy Dhara oil and tell mummy to prepare for me :)

Hats off to creative minds behind these ads ..!

Facebook addict??

When I was on orkut I never felt switching to facebook for the simplicity orkut offers. But, now I find some of the facebook features soo good and useful that now I don't feel switching back to Orkut.
1. Facebook status - : Really good... You get to see updates about your all friends' status . Plus, when you write comment on someone's status, you get notifications when that person get other replies you can quickly go and read replies of other people too ....

2 . Wall - This is another reason why I like facebook . You can actually see the person's activity on facebook , unless ofcourse the person has not deleted wall entries manually.

3. Farmville - the most popular game on social networking site.. I heard ppl are soooo crazy about this game that they cant even concetrate in office. All they think about is which crop they should have in their farm, whether they have milked the cow before coming to office or not :)

Moreover I get message on my cell as soon as someone posts something on my wall or replies to my post . So, you can fatak se reply or chat with the person ... Isn't it superb??
.. Thumbs up to facebook ! :))