Friday, May 14, 2010

Love story ?? - Part 2

Days pass by.. the group starts getting popularity.. people start asking suggestions, questions about their relationships.. gifts ..dress to wear on particular occassion.. and even how to make unwanted relatives run away :) .. Vinita herself doesn't realizes when she becomes soo active and frequent visitor of the group.. she used to enjoy replying...she used to enjoy helping.. She was enjoying it to the fullest...

Let's refer to Vinita as Vini... afterall this is how everyone used to refer to her...

One day, Vini finds mail in her inbox. The mail reads -
Thanks for taking your time and helping people.
I really appreciate it. Take care. God bless.

Vini is completely puzzled now. Who the hell is this person and why is he thanking me?.. She think , 'Shall I reply and ask him or shall I just ignore?' ..Cause her caution would have never allowed her entertaining stranger . Unable to get a clue, she decides to reply- 'Thanks..but May I know about yourself plz' . Vishal on the other hand, is happy to see reply in his inbox. He was not expecting it . But his reaction was cold. He was just happy get a mail from someone like minded. Afterall, he did not mail to Vini with the intention of getting close to her.

Vishal replies - " I am the owner of the group.. I should have mentioned about it . Sorry for that'.. But , this hardly takes one line.. 'Oh.. I should write something else too.. It does not look good to just answer it.. I will look like someone very introvert..which I am not ..' Vishal thinks.

As always .. next part in next post :)


Insignia said...

Awwwww......Not fair..You end it real soon. More!

prasadk said...

The reason is I want each post to depict just single aspect of this story. Hope you got what I mean. :)