Thursday, October 28, 2010


1. Why do short girls wear 5 inches heels and end up looking silly..
2. Do all girls cry no matter how tomboyish are they?
3. Why do we say all negative things about India to foreigners visiting our country just for few seconds laugh .
4. When businessman says I don't believe in corruption..I believe in maintaining relationship, what does it mean???
5. Are fat girls more easy to impress?
6. Is bi-sexual trend increasing in India?

Do you know where am I writing this post? In train compartment..loll.. I am now travelling to Mumbai from Chennai. But I swear, no matter what, in future I won't ever travel by train. It's not pathetic but it's not comfortable either..though it's AC compartment... I am travelling by long distance train after almost 15 years....whoooooooa....I really wanted to test my patience (mind it, it's 24 hours journey :D) and experience how does it feel especially when few words from my friends, like upper side birth, chart etc. had gone bouncers.

To my surprise, I found one fair looking girl in her twentees sitting with her parents on the seat opposite to mine. I felt bit good...In terms of looks, she was good.. After about half an hour, her father started talk with me..and I got to know they are from Malesia. The father was looking like bechara kind of guy portrayed in hindi movies. But the guy was very intellectual kind :) ...He was curious to know whether we have superfast trains in India, do long distance trains here travel on diesel or electricity ..this that.. and the another guy beside me was the book of general knowledge. He answered the Malesian father's all questions along with figures and small small details .............not only this, he told lots and lots of bad things about India with exaggeration to the malesian family. I doubt whether anything is left unsaid. And he kept on saying ..and saying.. finally the malesian family got bored. They got down after 2 hours.. :(

If you were expecting if myself and the girl had any exchange of number or something of that sort, then noo :( ..we had a talk though :D .......

Let's stop here...The name of the post is random, so I would end it randomly ..:D