Thursday, October 28, 2010


1. Why do short girls wear 5 inches heels and end up looking silly..
2. Do all girls cry no matter how tomboyish are they?
3. Why do we say all negative things about India to foreigners visiting our country just for few seconds laugh .
4. When businessman says I don't believe in corruption..I believe in maintaining relationship, what does it mean???
5. Are fat girls more easy to impress?
6. Is bi-sexual trend increasing in India?

Do you know where am I writing this post? In train compartment..loll.. I am now travelling to Mumbai from Chennai. But I swear, no matter what, in future I won't ever travel by train. It's not pathetic but it's not comfortable either..though it's AC compartment... I am travelling by long distance train after almost 15 years....whoooooooa....I really wanted to test my patience (mind it, it's 24 hours journey :D) and experience how does it feel especially when few words from my friends, like upper side birth, chart etc. had gone bouncers.

To my surprise, I found one fair looking girl in her twentees sitting with her parents on the seat opposite to mine. I felt bit good...In terms of looks, she was good.. After about half an hour, her father started talk with me..and I got to know they are from Malesia. The father was looking like bechara kind of guy portrayed in hindi movies. But the guy was very intellectual kind :) ...He was curious to know whether we have superfast trains in India, do long distance trains here travel on diesel or electricity ..this that.. and the another guy beside me was the book of general knowledge. He answered the Malesian father's all questions along with figures and small small details .............not only this, he told lots and lots of bad things about India with exaggeration to the malesian family. I doubt whether anything is left unsaid. And he kept on saying ..and saying.. finally the malesian family got bored. They got down after 2 hours.. :(

If you were expecting if myself and the girl had any exchange of number or something of that sort, then noo :( ..we had a talk though :D .......

Let's stop here...The name of the post is random, so I would end it randomly ..:D


suruchi said...

haha...yup i think all girls do cry...n yes, it is very unnerving to hear pompous fools ripping off india just to score some amusement...
fat girls easy to impress u ask back...are u looking to impress someone...fat or thin...kya faraq padta hai..go ahead n try;-)

helloooo....sab aage peeche bata diya..."we had a talk though" kaun batayega?;-)
have fun in Chennai:-)

pRasad said...

Have fun in Chennai what?????...vapas chennai kyu bhej rahi ho?:D

No re..I am not going to impress someone..someone has to impress me :)

Achha to tumhe vo janana he..naughty gal :D:D

pRasad said...

Have fun in Chennai what?????...vapas chennai kyu bhej rahi ho?:D

No re..I am not going to impress someone..someone has to impress me :)

Achha to tumhe vo janana he..naughty gal :D:D

pRasad said...

Have fun in Chennai what?????...vapas chennai kyu bhej rahi ho?:D

No re..I am not going to impress someone..someone has to impress me :)

Achha to tumhe vo janana he..naughty gal :D:D

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ha, quite random indeed!! Although I woudln't agree with the very first statement... I would say that often tall girls look funny when wearing high heels. I'm short, I love my height, I love my heels and haven never once been accused of looking "silly" ;) Maybe it depends on particular shoe design though lol Anyways, I guess this one part really get to me if I'm typing all of this haha

sepo said...

i have just arrived from a train ride, so can totally relate with your post. utterly uncomfortable...! hmph

but i wasnt as lucky as you. no cute guys with me. sigh

Alka Gurha said...

I guess crying is linked to hormones..perhaps it is genetically wired in our DNA strands...Interesting post.

pRasad said...

I myself have neber seen tall girls wearing high heels :) But yeah, if that's the case, nothing more funnier than that. Maybe you are not that short.So they suit on you..but when really short girls wear 5 inches (or more?) high heels , I feel like are they skating? :D.. no offense made.
Nice to hear from you Julia .

pRasad said...

Where were you????????? You almost disappeared.. But nice to hear from you after longgggggggggg time.:)

So, you didn't find any cute guy in the train? so , who was beside you? some old bald Uncle who is hampering your sleep with his loud snore or some aunt who is continuously inquiring about your family history??? :)

So bad..better luck next time :)

sepo said...

you totally got it right man......!!

snoring uncle was right beneath me...err i mean in the berth below mine.....!!!!

pRasad said...

No doubt you had "good" time :D...hehehee

Purba said...

Why didn't you stop him or better still asked him to migrate to Malaysia?

Lisa said...

I found this post really very funny..u have a nice sense of humor in writing or describing something..i really like always makes me smile...keep it wishes

pRasad said...

I guess you mean to say "migrate to India".. the time I realized this, they had got down :(
otherwise ur options R not badd:)

pRasad said...

Thank you soooooo much for the sweetest comment..:)).......muahaa..

Mingled Minds said...

woha...intresting set of questions though...the only thing i would injoy bout long journey trains is the scenery.. the chai wala at 6 am ... and meeting new people.. u never know.... !!!! good one..


Nethra said...

My friend travels for more than 24hrs at a stretch. I haven't been in train much.
And why those questions in the beginning?

pRasad said...

@Mingled Minds..

Yeahh...:) chai wala is something fabulous thing that happens in Indian railways..hehehhehehee :)

The post is about questions only.. Rest everything is just garbage :)

anupama said...

Dear Prasad,
Happy Deepavali!
Tonight I am leaving by train.Travelling by Ac through Konkan coast in the cool night is amazing!
I don't wait for my co-passengers to make my journey comfortable.Books to read and the lovely scenery and a good night's sleep make the train zuffer beautiful!
Wishing you a beautiful evening!

Sangitha :) said...

I love train journeys.. they hold precious memories for me.. :P

and hey finally i read ur love story.. its very sweet and mushy kind of.. :) eagerly waiting for the part when they will meet.. ;)

pRasad said...


Good re, that u actually enjoy it...u won't at least get bored like me ;)

and glad to know you liked the love story.. I myself enjoy writing about it.. thanksss ;)

Meher....all out to explore..!! said...

Not all girls wear heels..
All girls all guys do :)
The ones who rip off their own country in front of foreigners,are idiots,to put it bluntly.
Girl are not easy or difficult to impress depending on how they look.
Bi-sexuality ain't no to each his own.

And I cant believe that you don't enjoy train rides.They are uber fun.

ash89 said...

Yes all girls cry :D. And a LOT of guys do too.
Fat girls easier to impress? Where did that come from? :P

pRasad said...

Guys do cry ?????? how come I don't know :D
Fat girls are more extrovert ..tomboyish and happy go lucky kind if you have observed..I still feel they are more easy to impress :)

Where did you girls see cry baby guys ??:D
neways..appreciate your comment..

kaushiki said...

woah! so many random ques..!! nev knew readin a totally random post will be so much intrestin..lovd ur blog..

ps: i dnt write dat often...but thanks for followin my blog nd likin ma posts..:D

happy writin :)

Dhanya said...

The best of thoughts come in the weirdest of places right? In a train compartment or anywhere else, as long as you feel there's something to talk or write about -- all's well! Keep writing! :)

Sonia said...

Oh man! #3 I don't consider myself a foreigner but everytime I visit home, there are atleast a couple of people who put india down in our conversations, it's irritating :(

And hunh on #4, let me know when you find out :)

Geet said...

1. short girls wear heels 2 accentuate their height... pls dont hurt my emotions! :O
2. yes... publicaly or privately, all women cry!
3. we all dont... i dont :P
4. its the art of spin... do but dont show :P
5. any girl is easy to impress if she suffers low self esteem... its got ntn 2 do with being fat or slim or tall or short or whatever!!!
6. bi-sexual is not a trend... it is an inherent attraction that 1 may have towards both genders... its been around for ages.. ppl are getting more & more open to disclose their sexuality! :)

P.S. your random thoughts have answers... try google.. i am totally in love with it... google is the most INTELLECTUAL BOYFREN i have ever had :P

pRasad said...


10/10 :))

Geet said...

@prasad: 10/10... oooo.. thanks man... i have a fetish for marks :P