Thursday, April 14, 2011

Love Story???-Part 10

Indeed true love asks for nothing....but.. "T I M E"...................
Though Vishal was little immature to realize this, Vini had never shown hasty impulsiveness. But the time had come when Vini had actually started thinking to meet Vishal...Her belief in Vishal had only grown stonger with time.

Soon she realizes, Vishal is the only person she could talk about "everything"..for hours..

What she used to like most about Vishal??

'He can make me laugh like no-one else..He's just like a big kid really.....How everytime I think about him a million butterfiles flood into my stomach.. I love how he somehow manages to see past all my flaws, how he alwasys listens to he loves children more than anything in the world' ..Vini used to tell her friends..

Finally the D day comes.... the place and time gets decided.. Vishal wisely selects one of the most beautiful hotel for their first meeting as it has got superb romantic place outside with glowing lights alongside greenery which surrounds the pond.. A place like heaven ...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life of a software engineer - Aka Me (3) :)

After huggeeeee gap of 3 months I am back..... Finallllllllllllyyyyyyyyy :) :) :)...............missed reading posts of all lovely supercool bloggers of blogspot :).......and I mean I really really M I S S E D..... All the resignation drama and search of new job left me in no mood to turn to blogspot.... Yeahhhh..I resigned and much happy now..:) got much wanted relief from horribllllly oily food and accommodation troubles ...

Eeach day was like fighting a war against invisible enemy :)
...Also, if you have read my previous posts, you must be knowing what I was doing in the company apart from gaining weight by sitting idle in front of computer and yawning in stupid trainings..

Got another job in Mumbai.. Hope, everything works out well here.. To be honest, I don't want to continue doing job for long .. Probably, next 1-2 years.. entrepreneurship is long cherished dream :)..let's see..
will soon come up with new post Chennai Express :) For now...Bye bye Chennai :)