Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love story?? - Part 4

Viniiiii..viniiiiiiiii....... Vini wakes up from deep sleep with that call.. 'Oh..So it's Akshara..The bit**'.. Vini thinks..

Here comes Akshara...Vini's elder sister...Sister..but just for namesake...You may wonder, but Akshara was nothing more than a bit** to her...Usually, completely disliked girl is referred as bitch .. umm..yeah.. and the girl with really really "bad character" is also referred as bitch....and Vini had "both" the reasons .... Yeah.."Both". ... More about her will come in next parts..

'Vini.. Where is my eye liner? ..How many times I told you not to use my things' .. Akshara almost shouts on her..

'Please lower down your voice first if you want to talk to me.. Have you ever seen in my entire lifetime using a eye liner?..and that too yours ? me..' Vini answers back .. Such kinds of heated arguments with Akshara were not new to Vini... Though Vini always used to wonder what's wrong with this girl after every argument.

Vini was never been a kind of girl who looks in the mirror 20- times- a- day.. She was carefree ... you can say.

Vini gets a call from a dad...He had sent his photos on ship and of Berlin city just for her...Being on merchent navy, he used to get opportunity to visit new countries..As Vini sits on comp , thought of Vishal again crosses her mind. She wants to read the stupid mail again... and again. For few minutes she forgets the reason of starting the comp. All she now wants is new mail from Vishal ..and she finds there is only way of having it ..- ' To Write Back' .............


All Talk and No Action said...

If you are into short stories and such stuff, try INDImag.. they accept fiction entries

pRasad said...

Not actually..but Thanks for suggestion. It's not complete fiction by the way...

I liked your review about Kites. Someone from Roshan's family must read it :)

Ann said...

Nice post.. And yeah.. thanks for posting your honest comments on my blog.. You can find the follow button on my blog below all the posts.. BTW, I am following you :)

sepo said...

really loving the story,
very well written...!

pRasad said...


Welcome to my blog and thanks for such a sweet comment :)
I did not find Follow button below your posts..It's may be cause of your template or some problem with my termainal. Give me some time.

Soo sweet of you ..Thanks a lot..