Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Different kinds of girls I came across...

I am taking a break from Love story series.. Not that I got bored to write..but since long I was not able to write about other things.. after this post, I will again continue with the series.
So, this post is about girls of various personalities I met ....In schools, college, office or somewhere else :) .. Of course there are other kinds...But I will write whatever I remember right now...

1. Simple , homely kind of girl -
"No attitude" ..simple , innocent ... But don't think they are not romantic even though they don't makeup to attract attention of guys. These girls also smile while listening to romantic song on radio and dream about thier ideal imaginary partner :) ... Sometimes I feel how lucky their parents must be...No affair, No worries ! :) Yeah..exceptions are always there. :)

2. Apparently simple - :
These girls pretend to be innocent .. "Acchi Ladki" ... But they know how to spoil someone's mood ..How to make a guy run behind her & then don't give attention.. The worst thing is they will continue to do this throughout their life even though everyone knows how they are.. just like HIV or rabies leave the person only after his death..

3. Wait - For - 10 - Minutes kind of girl - :
When you sit to chat with them , they will make you wait for good 10 minutes.. They like the attention you are giving and want to show how lucky are you that you are getting to chat with this busy Kate Winslet..Hush !!
Typical this conversation will go like this :

She : hi..wassup..
You : Nothing much..just having relax time...what about you? Your exam is over?
(Now wait for 10 I said Madam Kate Winslet is V V Busy).....
She : yeah me too..
(Now, don't post message..She will be back thinking why this guy is not giving attention)
She : You asked something about exam 15 mins back
Now know what to do... just go offline :)

4. Blah Blah blah....Blutter butter....Boo boo -:
These girls talk & talk & talk & .............................Unless either you run away or make them run . Thankfully I met just one girl of this kind.....But I know her relatives must be there somewhere mixed in the crowd....:)

'hey you brought this cell?...Even I want to buy.. shall i buy?... my mummy had similar..i have one..but i want better.. i like to take took photos? me the na..showing attitude..whose photo is this? your gf's?..cause doesn't look like your a clarity..tell me the shop.. i will buy..So what 12000? it's good..shall i buy? tell na..tell tell.' ....

Hush....Such a boring character.. And then you find she is using the same cell of 1500 rupees like she is using since last 4 years.

5. Intelligent & Cute - :
They are topper of the class... Look very good.. A perfect combination of beauty with brain.. They have guys as friends.. But no boy friend... very much matured kind of girls .. They know what's good -bad for themselves..

6. Full to timepass :
Thank god I came across this kind of girl otherwise I would have never known even girls can make guys laugh.. These are veryyyyyy rarely found kind of girls ...they will make different noises, funny accents .. Everything will have their own touch .... They like arguments.. In arguments only they will make you laugh many times.. You simply enjoy their company . Sometimes you wonder about their mental age though they are completely normal.. :)

7. I - Am - The - Queen - Of - Bitch(ING)
If you invite them to wedding , they will bitch about decorations, dress of bride & groom ..If you don't invite them they will bitch how bad you are..They will bitch about their neighbours...neighbour's daughter, dog , relatives , friends , friends' parents....the list is endless..... And one uniqueness you can observe is ..Their ugly face. Almost all bitchers will have ugly face .....Hats off to God ! .. how did he manage that ??????


sepo said...

wow, that was a great analysis. apt and true...! (to some extent :P)
well i guess a girl has traits of all the kinds of girls you have mentioned.....!

a bit of all you see, resulting into the ultimate drama queen :D

pRasad said...

Yeah..The girl has all these traits. But some girls significantly show some of these traits.

I liked your idea of ultimate drama queen :D

Ann said...

LOL .. the post was good and the categories were quite appropriate.. Great Analysis..

pRasad said...

Thanks ann for motivating comment :)

Urvashi said...

hey nice blog..been here for the first time..

n abt ur post...I could realte to all the types of gals u mentioned cos I hv met similar types of gals around..!!! :) :)

Nice take there..!!

Aarti said...

lol...tat ws real grt...grt wrk.....keep goin..:) vry true..:)

Gauri Mathur said...


pRasad said...

Thanks to Urvashi, Aarti and Gauri ..:)

You girls are damn cute :)

NEHA said...

i cud'nt figure myself nywhere in dose categories :(

pRasad said...

hmm..It's because Maybe I never came across girl like you ;)

Mads said...

Naiice!! although we cud get more categories considering how many type of girls exist now =|
i guess i kinda fall in number 6.. :-s

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

hahaha...kya analysis hain...seriously i can imagine my gal pals in each of this category. I guess I fall in the 1st category :)

Geet said...

u know what... almost all women... act like each one of those that you listed at some point in time or the other...

& btw.. u forgot 1 category... its called "the complete bimbo" :)