Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I am only an ordinary mortal

I am only an ordinary mortal .
I have no power to change.
Perhaps in that very inability lies all my smallness
And maybe that's how the divine architect meant it to be.
All our lives are myriad blueprints, structured from life to death.

But I don't challenge life's many philosophies nor do I rebel.
as I am just an ordinary mortal .. I have no power to change.

I live my life in submission to destiny's plan
I am a mere puppet ..fate holds the strings.
My role in life's grand oups was already etched.
Though insignificant before many marvels and miracles.

I have to play my part to the end , come what may.
It was never meant to be otherwise.
For I am only an ordinay mortal .. I have no power to change.

But then........................I am after all human
I can never be infallible

And so though I am supposed to comply , not complain

A deep restlessness permeates my being
And desire takes birth inb my bosom

With it emerges doubt..
That though life has something in store for me,
what if that something isn't that good enough?

I want to live like a maverick, unshackled, unbound
Free to reap the sweet harvest to my desires
I want to soar into the skies like an ecstatic bird
And breach barriers into unknown horizons

I want to leave my indelible mark on life's stage
before the final bow, before the curtain falls.
I want my presence felt long after
It is a wondeful dream ..but it is only dream.

And though I want to see it become reality,
Ireespective of fate's intervention.
I must remember.....................
I am just an ordinary mortal .. with no power to change.....................


NEHA said...

i wonder hw cme no1 left comments on dis poem f urs??? its gud :)

pRasad said...

You know what??.. Even I wondered how come noone left comment on this poem..

Thanks a lot for appreciating ..