Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Client Aaya ...

Our department works for NIKE company. NIKE is our client . Today, two executive ladies from NIKE USA visited our office. For last week or two, we had been doing lot of preparation for this visit like we have choreographed dance, dramas , colored our office ..this that.. And above this, there is no count to manager's instructions like what questions to ask, be energetic ..blah blah..

All dance & dramas will happen tmrw (Friday) .
When these ladies came yesterday afternoon , I just wrote few lines while pretending to be working sincerely :)

client aaya client aaya
naya project sath me dher sara paisa laya..

managers ki bhag daud

lapet ke sab kam aur jagah chhod
client ki pichhe hath jod
aaj band sab testing aur na koi code
client aaya client aaya

instructions aur meetings

kaise bolana,hasna, chalna, khana
client ko alag hi vishw jo he dikhana
khoosh karna jo he pata nahi vapas kab hoga aana
client aaya client aaya,.


pushpee said...

hahaahaha! the excitement of meeting ur client shows thrugh ur poem...nice!!

Richa Singh said...

lolz, very true !!