Monday, August 16, 2010

Weirdly interesting bloggers

From the name itself , you must have got an idea that this post is dedicated to all those bloggers who do holy work of entertaining us with their ...posts ? ...Yeah.....but in a different way... Let's quickly go through their great contribution in the world of blogger weirdos :)

Weirdo 1:
Bloggers in this category must be playing too much of puzzle game in their childhood.. They love it soo much that still whenever they get opportunity they will puzzle you.

R called me yesterday ..I told him S is not talking with me so he told me don't give attention to MIL and S will come on the line automatically ...

Puzzled after reading this???? ...then the writer is extremely happy as her purpose is achieved..For the first time when I came across one such blog, I double checked to see if mistakenly I have landed on the blog of Indian secret agent..But No, she was our familiar Tulasi bhabhi :)

Who bothers if you get or not what the writer wants to say ?? Don't forget, it's a puzzle game & they have won. Just comment them as - "Congrats" .

Now, since anyhow you have lost, let me tell you "MIL" is short form of mother in law and S is the husband of the writer. Don't ask who is R. He is insignificant character purposely introduced in the post just to waste your time.

Weirdo 2:
I came across this poem (You are lucky if you haven't) and I was completely clueless about what does the lady want to say ..Check it out.

Today while going to office there was a rush (okk..So..what's new?)
Everyone is busy, animals, plants, birds ..blah blah
Moved on

Blah blah..
Moved on..

In all the stanzas this line was common.. 'MOVED ON'

So far so good..Read next..

I saw the beggar
Hungry with his small kid in his arms
His hands were trembling with hunger
Could not see his pathetic condition
Moved on .. ( WTF????????...I mean, how can you move on just like that when he was in such a pathetic condition??)

Then I too decided... move on to next blog :)

Weirdo 3:
They write & write & write.......Posts after posts... No comments ..still writing...Lengthy posts..If you start reading at 12 in the midnight by the end of the post you will realize it's 6 in the morning... No comments in last 6 months ..But this great dude is determined....Does he feel his next post will be comment to the earlier one...Aink???????..

Sometimes I think, if this dude shows his blog to his spouse once he gets married, he is going to get one tight slap !!!! She will say -' You have published entire least one comment should have been there :D '

Weirdo 4:

I dont' know if you have come across these kinds of bloggers..but due to all free time available in my hand, I met with one of this kind ( Why me god ???:D)

They are allergic to posting replies to your comments on their blog. Ok..let me make it more clear. You post comment on their blog. You wait for their reply...You wait & wait..Still no reply??........Sure??.............Bingooooooo! They have mailed you :D

If someone visits the blog, it's you who will be appearing fool with your question & no answer:D The blogger will appear as if she is less bothered about comments....cooooooool.... Since, you get reply in mail, you will continue to post comments :D ..Howzzzzzzz the idea ??????....Mann gaye janab..what say?? :D

There are many such bloggers you must have come across. I wanted to share more , but may be later :))

Vini & Vishal's love story has progressed a lot while we were not paying attention..Let's come back to them in next part :)


Mingled Minds said...

ha ha u analyzed the entire blogging world...lolz...

Ann said...

Good Analysis.. I must say :) Keep Posting...

pRasad said...

@Mingled Minds,
I am soo glad you enjoyed it.. Narrating funny incidents is not easy but since I got good response from you I am happy :) Thanksss:)..
And please let me know your name..Every time I have to refer to you as Mingled minds :)


Thanks ann.. appreciate your feedback..

suruchi said...

Hi pRasad...
I am wondering in which category do I fit now?
And also going to read all the poems floating around to catch the “moved on” one;-)

The first one reminded me of my own G...arre...pati waala G yaar!
And I do reply to all the comments...bhagwan kasam!
Please create a new category for me na?:-)
Btw...u are super duper hilarious...has someone told u that before?:-)

pRasad said...

Thank god you specified G is "patiwala" G :))..Otherwise, when I was about to assume " " ....uhhmm..uhmm...It'sa comment from Suruchi afterall :D

Are tum hi first ho jisane itani dil khol kar ....jane do.. khol kar likhane ke bad tumhare style ke jokes man me aane lage :)...Bhavanao ko samajho..kafi he:) ..Hahaha!

Thanksssss a lot for your such a wondeful comment :) ..and yeah..for you there is no are wild :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

LOL, ineteresting categories!!!!

Aflame!! said...

"moved on" I was almost ROFL. Great.. keep posting ya thoughts too :)

pRasad said...

Thanks Julia..

Glad to know you liked :)

Dhanya said...

Lol @ moved on. I don't get such hi-fi complicated posts by bloggers either :( But I try not to comment on em coz rest of the readers seem to have understood the 'deeper' meaning.

pRasad said...

Rightly said Dhanya :))

You got my point :)...Nice to see your comment here.

SRILAXMI said...


As usual, interesting 1 from u... keep it up!!


pRasad said...


Always look forward for comment from you :)
Thanks a lot.. Missed your recent posts..but vl surely come back to them soon..

Aparana Pitale said...

ha ha... nice one..
Im still waiting for the next part of the Love Story..
see.. mehengai badh gai hai so even Patience costly ho gaya hai... :(

pRasad said...

Big Thankssssss:)
Yeah..By end of next week probably I will post next part of the series.
Patience costly ho gaya hai??..:)..Hahaha..:)) Achhi cheeze costly hi rahengi naa:)).. kuchh jyada ho gaya??..Hahaa :)

Jyo said...

Hilarious :D

Sonia said...

Arey I didnt know yoiu blogged :( Sorry!!

And tooo scared to ask which category I belong to ;)

Ok now I will go and read your previous posts :)

And agreed not everything out there is readable and sometimes I see a thousand comments coddling some self indulged blogger and think is mein kya greatness tha? But at the end of the day every blog is that blogger's personal space so live and let live..

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

When do we get to read about "Weirdo Number 5"? :)

suruchi said...

hellooooooooo..jagoooooooo...long time no post?
and thanks for my "wild" category in the reply above...just saw:-)

pRasad said...


Tmrw for sure :)
I have no option but to write when you asked for it :)

Blogging Ibex said...

I have came across all the catagories u have described.Glad to know im not the only one who finds them weird!Nicely written.

Sangitha :) said...

and I am weirdo no.5 who doesnt update her blog for months.. haha :P :))

Nice blog u have.. :)

Will come back tommorrow to read your other posts..especially the love story.. :P

pRasad said...

Nice to see you are back in good mood( I read your reply:D)...And thanks for appreciating.

Indeed you are weirdo..:))...Hope, you won't keep poor blog without updating for months.
I liked the poem on insects :)

SEPO said...

omg prasad. this is so bloody true. i kind of fall in the last category. i say kind of because i don't even mail the replys! though i lovvvve and appreciate comments, but sometimes (read many times) i don't reply back!!

well, the first thing that i am going to do after reading this is , goinf back to my latest posts and replying to all the comments..!

pRasad said...


You should..poor guys know why do they comment :) and you don't give them attention..:D Not fair..:))

pRasad said...


You should..poor guys know why do they comment :) and you don't give them attention..:D Not fair..:))

pRasad said...


You should..poor guys know why do they comment :) and you don't give them attention..:D Not fair..:))

Divyansh said...

thnk god m nt one of those categories....:P n i lyk d 1st n d 3rd 1.... i ve been dere MR. A n MR. N.... i ws lyk tinkin who give a shit abt u MR. N n MR. A..... btw gud blog....i read few of d post of urs still readin.

PS dere is 1 more category u 4got 2 mention n i belong 2 tat category(proud 2 say tat...yay) ppl who reads blogs of othr n comment lyk ur blog is ok plzzz do read mine is totally awesm....ha ha ha....