Saturday, July 10, 2010

Laptop to Police Station...

Last two weeks were just horrible.. I had to go through something I had never gone before..

I was searching for laptop dealers on net, when I came across dealer called IT** Computers ..I called him & decided to go there on Sunday . Me & my Gujju friend ( Gujjus are good in bargaining and he is no I purposely took him:D) after traveling for almost 1 hours finally reached to the dealer.. He was having small office (means just 2 chairs, tables, & blah He first asked us what is our requirement & showed us price list, discount .. then how come we feel in Chennai , being outsiders blah blah..We decided to buy Dell Inspiron 15 R
He said, the laptop will be delivered within 2 days & additional accessories which he is giving for free will be delivered on next day itself.. We gave him full money that too in cash ...He gave us proper bill ... By the way, he said his name is Raj Kumar ..What an irony ! :)

My gujju friend was very happy knowing the deal we settled was way too good..And how he fooled the dealer giving him promise to recommend this shop to several of our friends..:) Like, innocent kids we were anxiously waiting till Wednesday..:)

Here, the real drama started..

On Monday, when by evening noone came to deliver speakers & headphone, I called the dealer.. He was surprised to know how come none of his "So- called" men called me .. He promised to deliver by Monday night itself..Waited ...waited.. Till 9 no call.. When I called again, this guy cut the call.. I got surprised to see his sales after service ... Till that time, I was not knowing , once you give him money, you should not expect NEITHER SALE NOR SERVICE :))

After 5-10 minutes, I got a call from him - "sir, I have committed you.. So, I will provide by any cost.. Tomorrow before 9 am , I myself will come sir.." There was no limit to my joy.. I forgave all his sins :) ...

Again anxious wait started on Tuesday .. By the time you must have guessed, no one came...If I have to name my last 2 weeks I will name as - WAIT ..Because , this is what I was doing ..& this is what he used to tell me when I used to call... Then comes, series of lies .. SOo many lies, I will mention in short..

Tuesday afternoon : I myself will come by evening 5
Tuesday evening : I will leave in half hour
Tuesday night : I am at my customer's place..

By this time I got suspicious & the first thing I did after reaching to office is search whether anyone has posted complaint against him.. & to my surprise, I found 2 complaints claiming he is fraud & never delivers product.. GODDDD ......That was shock.. I had given money to fraud person.. In my dream also I could not think that I will come across any such person...My gujju friend was even more shocked-after all how call anyone ever fool him ...hehehee

The very first thing I did is opened the website of Tamilanadu police.. There is option to register online complaint & you can get to know what action police has taken .. That gave me some relief.. I could not even tell this to my parents in Mumbai as they could do nothing from there other than worrying.. I was bombarded with opinions from friends...All mixed opinions...some were directly-indirectly saying I am big fool :D , some were giving ideas to nab the fraud person..

Then came Wednesday ..He was supposed to deliver laptop .. Again lies .. I guess , this person's day must be going in what next reason to tell for not delivering the product to different customers :) .. Being outsiders ( Me & my friend , both are from Mumbai) , he was underestimating us toooo much..

Wednesday morning: I am going to DELL office to inquire ... This is the reason this guy was telling me..

Wednesday afternoon: My guys are on the way , they will reach to your place withing 2 hours with speakers .
.. No marks for guess, no one came.

On Thursday : You yourself come & collect the speakers

Finally , I went on Sunday ..His shop was closed ..He was not picking up the phone.. ( How can he pick? Otherwise, he would have to come & give me speakers which he was not having at all )

I inquired to nearby shop about this person & got to know , his shop is there since last 2 years ( How come no one dared to lodge a complaint against him I wonder)

I asked where is nearby police station ...I had recorded his conversation & also carried printouts of complaints people had posted against him .. Inspector smiled after reading the complaints.. No..he was not going to take it lightly.. He told me not to worry .. He called the fraud.. To my surprise, the fraud was silly person.. At least, by this time he should have realized that he can't escape.. He promised to deliver the product after 4 more days.. Even inspector got convinced with this & told me to wait for for more days....Again wait..Again opinions.. Police can be bribed..beware are outsider & what not..

This guy , the fraud, got very angry that I went to police..He was not expecting that I will go to police.. That's why I said he was underestimating too much.. Next day he calls me & says, 'Prasad what have you done? You went to police?? I too have contacts in police...lets now fight legally..' I said Ok.. After 2 minutes he calls & says, I will deliver next day ....Haa Ha Ha! :D

Are bhai - Cheating karna he to akal se kam lo :) ..

On his last deadline also, he calls me & says laptop will be delivered in 2 hours.. As usual, one more lie... I called police.. I shouted on the inspector that tell this guy to give my money back.. Then I realized what I have done :)

The inspector called me next day to police station ..this guy was also there..sitting quitely in corner.. The inspector ( I still don't know his name..He was angel :) ) slapped this guy, gave full money to me ..:) .. He did not ask for even 1 rupee bribe.. I bought sweet & gave him ..hehe..sounds funny ? ..

So these 14 days gave me a big big lesson in life ......:) .. I only know what I went through :)

By the way, due to this stupid Raj kumar Our love story was pending.. let's continue it from next couple of days :))


Urvashi said...

Ohh Gosh.... terrible guy yaar...he hasa shop, does online marketing n still ocmmitsd fraud..!!

but good that u followed- up n went to the police too.. after all.. its ur money.. :)

Continue the love story soon.. n yeah now buy a new laptop cautiously... (an advice from a gujju frnd.. :D)

suruchi said...

Hi pRasad...
What an ordeal!
But I guess all’s well that ends well:-)

pRasad said...

@Urvashi.. Yeah..he has a shop..still he does all ulte kam...I feel pitty on these kind of ppl..police forcibly took him out of his time no payment till I get the product product..btw..nice to know u r gujju..My gujju friend hates if I refer him as Marwari;-)..and yeah..even I want to write the next part now..:-)

pRasad said...

@Suruchi Hey! That's true..We need to make sure our ordeal ends well..hehe..nice to see comment from u for the first time:-)

SRILAXMI said...

ha ha... gud one... no i mean frm the story point of view ;-) wat happened to u was bad... i also take a lesson frm it n will never go for these so called 'dealers' for any gadgets...!!!

btw, gud u tuk a brk frm 'love story'... change is always reqd even frm good things...!!!


pRasad said...

You better take:-)..hehe..hmm..abt love story..I better reserve my comment;-)

NEHA said...

hahahaha........ m sure he stil wont improve n wud continue runnin his shop n frauding d customers

pRasad said...

He has no choice but to improve.. He was in shocked state in police station..

Mingled Minds said...

ohw kiess... just to say friend...u being an outsider in chennai and having great guts to get to the police and getting that fraudster caugth is ovsly a great achivmnt.... :).. applause..
and regarding that inspector *No Bribe* .... HATS OFFF.....
its a great experience to learn from.... heheheheheee....good goin!! :)

pRasad said...

@Mingled Minds,

Do I need to tell that's the sweetest comment soo far? :)

No doubt this incidence taught something to all of us..I am glad :)

vandana said...

great that its a happy ending..

i had one confusion in this .

you never got your laptop or only the speaker and headphone ?

pRasad said...


Neither laptop nor speakers or headphones..lolzz

Sonia said...

Baaprey what an ordeal but good that you got yuour money back, alls well that ends well!

drift away................ said...

hahaha.I have been through the a familiar ordeal.very well put:)

Loved ur blog....:):)

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am definitely glad to discover this. cool job!