Saturday, July 17, 2010

Love Story ??? - Part 8

Soo..where were we ? ..No..I have not forgotten ....Just due to some time delay in posting this part, a little stress to brain was needed ...

Yeah.. So, Vini has asked Vishal, if they can speak over phone?...
Our Vishal was overjoyed reading this... curiosity was extreme to both the sides.... both wanted to talk..both wanted to know each other..both wanted to....well....fall in love...

Vishal expresses his desire to meet in personal .. He also proposes to meet in some crowded place like hotel so that Vini should not get scared .. But, Vini declines his proposal politely saying , she thinks yet the right time has not come . ... ...
Right time...God knows when was it going to come.. Vini goes a step ahead & shares her number.. Today, for the first time in his life Vishal was going to call the girl to whom he had never ever met & he didn't want to sound stupid & blabber.... He thinks for a minute what can they talk about .. and he didn't find more than 3-4 things .. 'ohh...first time call & just 2 -3 minutes of talk.. what after that?? ..what will she feel if in mails I write about soo many things but when it comes to talk, I have nothing? '

He sits on sofa..with his both palms on his eyes & head bent down ..... How about writing things down on paper.. just points..........silly idea......???.........or lets go with the flow of communication ?......... but how...? He thinks, 'I am sure, I won't remember anything at that time ..Now only, bit nervous I am' ... 'Yeah..I should note down.. It's must to impress her ..'. He mumbles.. He stretches his hand to take a pen & paper from shelf and starts notting down... 1. (Vishal keeps first point blank...He thinks he can manage first half minute by talking about her voice :D ) 2. College 3. Group 4. Ask her what else... 5. Interests 6. siblings

Suddenly he tears down the paper... 'bullshit'.... He mumbles..

..Again 2 minutes pause...

No option.. Vishal thinks ...He quickly writes down points all over again ..takes some coins & rush to nearby PCO ...

Yeah ..PCO ...He didn't want to share a number with Vini yet...reason? ..he was having his own reasons....
He inserts a coin & dials the number quickly...

His heartbeats was running faster .. excitement was at the peak..
"Hello.." .. He could hear some girl has picked up the phone.. "Hello...ummm...Vini ...Vinita.."

"No..I am her friend..who is this?"

"Can you please give phone to her? " (Vishal counts the remaining coins...1,2,3..just 8.. He had brought 9 coins ...After all, he was expecting nor more than 5 minutes of talk..)

He could hear , the friend was calling Vini loudly.. 'Viniiiii..someone is calling you..come fast'

Vini comes.. (By the time Vini comes 2 more coin goes find their place in coin box...)




( With that 'yes' a quick thought runs through Vishal's mind with a lightning speed....'god..! she is not surely a kind of girl anyone can mess up with .' )

"Can you recognize me?"


"Just guess .." (Vishal tries to be smarty.....If she has given number to some other guy, she will surely get caught..)

" I don't know... Is this Vishal ??"

(Sigh of relief from Vishal's side)

"Yes..Hiii.." ( Vishal's hand reaches to find the note in his pocket while he concentrates at what Vini is going to say next )


" did you recognize me?"

"Obviously yaar..I was knowing you will call me "

"hmm.... you sound good.. "
(Vishal was hoping she won't ask what does that mean)

"Good ..means?.. " (Oh..shit !)

"umm...... Someone lively ..enthusiastic..&.. " (He somehow manages the moment..but Vini cuts his sentence..)

"..So is this your landline number?"

"Nope.. just take down.."

"No..give me miscall"

"Ok.. I will give afterwards.."

"Noo..No..tell me now ..I will note down.."

"No..I will give afterwards ..don't worry.."


Vishal can't control laugh.. Vini also giggles... Vishal gives the number to Vini.

"by the way, where were you?? ..Your friend picked up the call I guess.."

"I was having dance practice.. We are having college function in next week"

"Oh.. cool.."

Before Vishal says anything, Vini interrupts..
"You know, I would like to know more about you..where do you live?.. You know soo much about me..tell me about yourself"..

Vishal takes a glimpse at remaining coins...just 4..

"Vini.. I will talk to you later...anyways you are having dance practice"

"Nooo..don't mind.. Are you in a hurry?"

"umm..Nothing like that..what's that sound behind you?"

"I told you naa.... today is final practice day.... you know , since last night I had not gone home.. I stayed with ne to phone kar kar ke pareshan kar diya.. but I'm enjjjoyiiiing .. I liked the dress I am wearing..I wish you could see me ..oops.. I should shut up say.."

Vishal gets amazed with the way she expresses herself ...

"I stay in Mulund.."

"oh..quite far.."


"what else?.."

" say.."

Both , don't get what to talk..

By the time Vishal is left with just one & the last coin..'No option but to tell her about he is running short of coins.. ' Vishal thinks..

"Vini.. umm..Actually... I am running short of coins.. just last coin is remaining.."

"What???...Oh my god...You are calling from coin vala phone?... heheheehehe..sorry...but I can't control laughing.." ..Vishal gets a bit embarrassed ...

"Yeah.. I will call again in couple of days..but don't forget to mail.."

Vini giggles again..

"..Sure..take care...
I had a good time..hope.. "

"Yeah..even me.."

"Chal..cyaz...and next time no coins & all ..ok??"

Vishal giggles..



Vishal could not believe his luck... He had just spoke with Vini..the girl he was having mail conversation for almost a month..... His nervousness had disappeared in some amazon jungle.. he even did not refer to the note he had brought...He choosed to go with the flow..

There, Vini jumps with a joy... The coin box incident lingers in her mind... "stupid.." she says..


Urvashi said...

hey that was sweet.. Could relate to most of it.. U know my first mail friend was also from Mulund..!! :)

Vishal did not call from his own num..thoda strange tha...but still...good..everything should not b obvious naa..!! :) :)

come up wid next part soon..TC :)

SRILAXMI said...


Finally read 1-8 tday... havin fun...!!! :-)


NEHA said...

at lasttttttt :))) sweet dt ws

pRasad said...


Heyyy...Thanks girl..hmm..everything should not be obvious that's why I left it on readers to have their own guesses about not using cell.. you had MALE MAIL friend :)) .. ** PUN INTENDED :D**
I am sure you must have enjoyed waiting for mail & writing the reply ... It's different kind of fun..isn't it?


Finally you read :)) & I am glad you liked :)

Thank you soo much ..
Your comment made me smile..Indeed , after soo many days, at last I wrote this part..
Your DP is too good ..photoshop effects :))..wink wink :)

NEHA said...

its picassaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)))

pRasad said...


Hehehee...Neverthless, looking Cute :)

Lisa Hazarika said...

Really enjoyed this part...found myself actually giggling along with Vini and Vishal..superb style of dialogues and writing...keep going :)

pRasad said...

Nice to see you after such a long period:-)..Thank you so much Lisa...Reading your comment I felt like I managed to do at least somewhat justice to the story...and u giggled with Vini and Vishal??woww..that makes me feel soo good..yuppiee:-)

Neha said...

nice story!! :)

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

very nice...sori just read the 8th part, will now read from 1st part. i m following u :)

pRasad said...

Thanks Gayathri...:))

Nice to have a comment ..that too such a sweet comment from you..:)

I want to read your blog as well..will read tmrw ..

Aparana Pitale said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.. Well, my latest poem suits everyone; Donno whats up with you but sometimes unpredictable things do happen in life, need to accept the truth and move on.. :)
well, read all the 8 parts of your story, good stuff, waiting for the next part.. even i do write stories but never thought of posting.. will do that someday.. Njoyyy... Stay Happy..

pRasad said...


Glad that you liked the series..

And yeah.. moving on is the best option..

WOuld surely like to read your stories in case you decide to publish..:)

sulagna ™ said...

:) heyiii nice one..and yes G is the moustached man in the picture who still sweeps me off my feet

ravish yadav said...

nice hai,,, chalo continue meri to finish ho gayi , plannig for one more,,,,

drift away................ said...

I cudn't stop smiling.,.