Friday, December 24, 2010

Life of a software engineer - Aka Me (2) :)

Ok..So last few days were busy and could not post anything..although there is lot of stuff I would like to share ...who doesn't like girls getting added to your followers' list ?..hahaa..
Writing this post while listening to 'Fifteen' song by Taylor Swift.. if you have not listened it yet, you should ! ..cause it's really really good .. especially lyrics..

So, let's come to the main topic..
Information Technology business in India has boomed in last 10-12 years like anything..and so do the number of young software professionals entering into this lucrative world. I am one of the " proud " member of them... Why "proud" ????
well..ummm...cause this is what whomever I meet tells .. 'Beta ...Software engineer bana ??..MNC me kam kar rahe ho?..bahut achhe...' So, after a while, even I started feeling, there must be something in my profession I must be proud of.. :)

But, if you really want to know, what I am proud of then I must tell you, I have not worked till now even after 1 yr in the comapny..........................awwwwww !!! Let me clear things before you start questioning about MNC thing I mentioned above.. It's true that I have been employed by one of the topmost IT company but I have never been into "actual work " thing.. It's different thing that I keep my knowledge up to date and I have enough knowledge to convince that I have worked like most of the people do while switching jobs....
Whenever my manager tries to assign some project to me I simply deny.
He brings some bullshit work which has onsite opportunity and all but I nothing interesting or challenging..just like donkey you have to work without using brain.. I tell him, I don't want to do this work because I want to do some "good work" which will be really interesting... he tries to convince me as of now only this kind of work is there..for good work I will have to wait, so accept it.... I still remain firm... days pass by.............

I remember, in November last year, we used to have 2 months training in Bangalore about the technology , we were about to start working on ... Girls especially used to take training very seriously.. These girls, I tell you, still remember what's been taught in the training.....Girls will be girls :) .

We had two exams at the end of it...and to get good paycheck that others, you should clear both the exams in first attempt that too scoring more marks than others. Not a small thing, I must tell you...If you don't clear in 3 attempts, you are out of the company...
So, the study did not end after completing college , like we thought.

But still, those were the best days....Mainly, because of Bangalore. This city, made my life heavenly good.... I still miss the KORAMANGALA area where I used to live with one of my friend..The area is full of bungalows...Andhra mess was just 5 mins away ...I so much miss the Andhra food and fishes that Telagu aunty used to cook..
On sundays, we used to go to temple which was again nearby. And we hardly ever missed going to garden at night... There, one guy in his 50s used to have evening (or night?) walk with his helmet... ever seen a guy like this ??.... we used to call him Mr. Neil Armstrong because of his helmet :) ... A group of people who used to come with a big alsetian dog was the indication that it's 12.30 am and it's the time to move our a** and go back to the room :) ....... But, talking with your friend , about future, expectation from girlfriend or simply gossiping gives so much of fun, I was never knowing ...

Furthermore, our company's bangalore campus was bestest campus in the country......I will post the pictures in next part...Believe what you see :) exams, re-exams, everything was over by the end of 2 months.. now it was the time to part ways...Location of work was getting assigned to everyone.. Some got Pune, some got Delhi ... Me and my friends were praying for Pune... Girls did not want Noida for the obvious reason of safety...almost everyone got their locations.. except our group and few more guys.. after 5 days, we got to know we have to work in Chennai ...........That was a big big disappointment..girls literally started crying..
We had to leave after 1 day... almost all of us were living in rented homes.. We packed bags..told the owner about giving deposit back..fortunately our house owner was nice lady and she gave our deposit back....we booked tickets and caught a bus at 12 pm.. 14 of us came to Chennai from the same bus.. by the time we reached Chennai, it was 6 am..

It was cold in the air ....traffic was also sporadic........'So, chennai is not that bad'...I thought, while on the way to our three star lodge where we had to stay for next 7 days before finding permanent accommodation..

But hardly I was knowing ki picture abhi baki he !!!!!!!! .... :)

Rest in next part...


AS said...

Great Narration. Keep it up.
Software Engineer .. lolz .. the modern Gadha .. :)) Please do not take it as an insult, but that is what the majority of us do. The business model is as such, that the manger is forced to come up with unique words, to entice the ghadhas to take up the work. Poor guys .. both managers and IT Engineers.
Things will change :)
Girls .. Be careful before the bug and virus named love hits you.

SEPO said...

i loved this post. so much so that i have already read it too times.

the reason being that i am soon going to be following your footsteps. yeah. IT, MNC and hell even i don't want to go to chennai!

lets see what future has in store for me.
EAGERLY waiting for the next part. EAGERLY!

pRasad said...

Buddy, let me make correction.. How about "smart gadha?"..hehe

If I ever have collection of best comments I received, I will surely include your this comment :)
Thanks for the appreciation ..& Welcome to the IT world! :)
Next part is going to be equally interesting I bet..!

PriPat said...

@prasad... lovely blogg... I lol!!!

I will follow it!!

Tanishka... said...

So someone is still on bench... :)
Nice post, loved your way of narrating... Would be looking forward for the next part....

And yeah i totally agree with your statement girls will be girls... Despite being a girl, I still don't understand how can gals take everything so seriously... :D

pRasad said...

Thanks Tanishka :)

Appreciation from fellow blogger always encourages :)

pRasad said...

Thanks PriPat..

I am honoured..

Anonymous said...

SOMEONE accepted the truth!!! i have a lot of friends who r into It working in MNC nd not happy becz they really want to do sumthing diffrnt
i m from a diffrnt field altogethr but becz i knw how they feel i really appreciate ur blog. :) cool it is :)

pRasad said...

Hi Tripti ..

I checked your profile and I guess you are like me as well :) ..

Thanks for such a sweet comment..

Anonymous said...

am i ?? :P
ur welcome!!

Purba said...

The "bullshit" work is part of the initiation. Trainees get jobs that nobody else wants to do.

And exams are part of the MNC culture. Even people in the top rung are expected to clear exams.

pRasad said...

You are soo right. Here, every year you have to give exam called UCF. When I was going to exam center, I saw my manager returning after giving the exam :P

Tanishka said...

Happy New Year... :) No post for the new year??

pRasad said...

Wish you too a very happy and prosperous new year Tanishka :)

Will post in next week for sure :)

Puja Upadhyay said...

Interesting blog...and quite varied in terms of content...there is a story, an experience a hint of humour. Good going. Will be back for more.

Insignia said...

:-) Thats one life of a S/W engineer