Sunday, July 31, 2011


To everyone who showed interest in Gajpal Ji :)) ,

I created another blog for this post but then I felt why to create separate blog for just one post , so I deleted it . Again, Gajpal ji's adventures would be too explicit for the readers of this blog, let's forget him.. 
Bye bye Gajpal ji :))  ...

sorry guys for stretching the curiosity for so long & disappointing :((

But heyy!.. Coming with a new post on Facebook & LinkedIn :) ..Soon:D


SEPO said...

spoil sport!

pRasad said...

Hahaa :)))))..

I can understand :)

suruchi said...

u killed the curiosity stoooooopid:-)
ab bring him on...let's see if Gajpal ji really has it in him!;-)

pRasad said...


Hahahahahhhhhhha :)

You seems to be frustrated after reading this post :) ...hhmmm..someone is so desperately missing Gajpal Ji !..
But seriously yaar, his story would be too "bold" to be published here.

I can't control laugh thinking what would have happened if you would have met horny Gajpal Ji .. :)))))