Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anna , Media and Government

Like a true supporter of Janlokpal bill, I participated in rallies organized in my city to support the bill & I heard really amusing slogans.

Let me share some of those with you- :

1. Me Bhi Anna , Tu Bhi Anna - Ab to Sara Desh He Anna         ( Liked this the most)

2. Paisa paisa karati he par lokpal se kyu darati he  :D

3. Manish Tiwari .............Desh Ki Bimari     :)

4. Dhinkachika Dhinkachika....Anna Anna.

5. and when police is near , you just can't resist to say- 'Ye Andar Ki Bat He, Police Hamare Sath He' :))

I noticed, we start rally with around 100 people and by the time we reach to end point, there will be around 2000-2500 people supporting for the cause..Nice to see the support of youth from each class - be it middle class, lower class or affluent class... I don't understand why some people are labeling it as the movement by middle class of this country when the reality I see is completely different.

I am sure, even politicians must be laughing after seeing idiocy of news anchors interviewing Mr. Kejariwal. These are the typical questions they ask-

1. You are acting against parliament, which is totally wrong. How can you do so ?

Now, what does that mean ??????? MPs are just our representatives.. wake up guys.. We are not outsiders... when lakhs of people in the country are shouting for some bill, parliament SHOULD bring the bill to discuss in the house. Are these news anchors are deaf or blind that they don't understand that government is reluctant to bring this bill for disucssion as it's scared.......... So, what option is left to ordinary people like you and me ??   
If I would have been in Mr.Kejariwal's place I would have said-
You should ask government that why people in India are forced to use ways like fasting ?.. Why are we forced to go through such a pathetic condition ?????

2. When government is giving you option, why are you not going to standing committee?

- I thanks to government for doing so much favor but before that Mr.Anchor please tell me how much bribe you received? :D     If you have not bribed then please do your homework before asking childish questions.
Are you kidding ???  are you aware who are involved in standing committee ? MR.Padmashree Lalu Yadav and Amar Singh. Do I have to say anything more???
Standing committee comprises of most of the member of it..

And why there is a need to send only this bill to standing committee ?? Why most of the others bills which have been passed before never gone under any standing committee fommittee ?...Isn't it timepass tactic??...Mr.Anchor If you think our politicians are soo pure of thoughts, intentions, then I must say you have wasted precious time of your life learning nothing.

3. Why did Kiran bedi said , India is Anna , Anna is India ?
- Mr. Anchor, please ask Kiran Bedi ....Mr.Kejariwal and Mrs.Kiran Bedi are two different individuals or have you lost all your senses ?

4. What if everyone starts following this method (of fasting)?
- Do you think government is afraid of Anna ?  NOOO-- It's afraid of number of people behind the movement, which is increasing day by day. Already, so many people adopted this method- Did government listen to them?? - NO. So, don't worry too much "Mr.over intellectual anchor."

And with special mention to Mr. Karan Thapar, anchor on CNN-IBN. He will call you for the interview, would not listen to your viewpoints , if you are saying something, he will make sure you won't complete the sentence , for half an hour he will make sure you listen to him...he will make 1000 facial expressions to confuse you even the end living you with a thought- Why did he call me at first place ? He is been ridiculed by people.

And those over intellectual extra smarts who keep on arguing on news channels about how Janlokpal cannot prevent corruption and how they have superb, amazing, excellent, fantastic ideas to prevent corruption than janlokpal- PLEASE ! We don't want your advise. If you really want to change the system and if you really CARE about the country, show some action... Coming on debate shows and then attending fashion shows won't help .. I am glad that youth has simply ignored these people and supported the movement.

And lastly, where is our Rajkumar- Mr. Rahul Gandhi ? Has anyone seen him or he ran away??  Hypocrites .


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the slogans were mind blasting ! :-)

great post!

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Thanks SEPO and nona !

The link I am giving below is a letter to PRIME MINISTER..Interesting one :)

Aparana Pitale said...

Wow.. good one... nice slogans...
And the last line of the post gives a +100...

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Firstly, nice to see comment from you..I want to check your blog too..probably after writing this comment I will.

Slogans make the mood of a rally :)

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